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Circe the Beautiful Witch

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Circe Circe ranks as one of the greatest witches from all story-telling. A beautiful enchantress, she likes nothing better than to turn men into pigs. (Some have seen her as a bit of a feminist). It is only when the wily Odysseus lands on her island that she finally meets her match.

(Many thanks to Helen Forte for permission to use her fabulous picture of Circe.)

One of our Greek Myths in the Trojan War series. As you may recall, Odysseus was on his way home from the war. He survived a nasty brush with a one-eyed giant, the Cyclops, but not all of his men were so lucky. The Sea God Poseidon was angry with him, and destroyed all his ships except the one he was sailing in.

Read by Natasha. Duration 17 minutes.
Proofread by Claire Deakin, December 2013

Circe the Beautiful Witch

Now he and his men sailed on across the wine dark sea, until once again they caught sight of an island. They slipped their boat into a snug little harbour, and there they slept for two whole days.

The following morning, Odysseus said they should explore the island and discover who lived there. At these words, his men grew afraid. They remembered the terrible Cyclops who had kept them prisoner in his cave, and had devoured some of their companions.

Odysseus divided his men into two groups, so that if one should get into trouble, the other could come and help. He was leader of one group, and Lord Eurylochus (Yuri-Locus) was the leader of the other. They drew straws to see which group should go and explore first, and as Eurylochus drew the short straw, he and his men had to set out and explore the woods.

After walking two or three hours, the men came to a clearing. They saw a little house surrounded by wild beasts – wolves, leopards, and lions. One of the leopards sprang towards Eurylochus. He thought that he was about to die, but instead of eating him, the leopard rubbed up against him like a cat and purred.

The window of the house was open, and inside a woman was singing. Her voice was mysterious but very beautiful, and the men felt themselves being drawn towards the house, for they all longed to see if the woman was as wonderful as her voice. They walked past the fierce looking beasts, who in fact were really quite tame. Inside they were greeted by a tall and elegant woman, her black hair done up in braids – she did indeed look very lovely.

Her name was Circe (Sir-see) and she invited the men to sit down at her table and drink some of her soup – they readily agreed.

As they drank the soup, Eurylochus said, “When I drew the short straw I cursed my bad luck, but how wrong I was! Our hostess is not so terrible after all, eh men?”

They did not realise that though she was beautiful, Circe was in fact a witch. She had slipped a magic potion into their soup, and when they had finished drinking it, she rapped the table with a magic wand and said, “Now you swine, be off to the pigsty where you belong.”

The men looked up astonished. “Madam – Did you just call us pigs?”asked Eurylochus. But Circe just laughed in reply, for the nose of Eurylochus was already growing into a pink snout, and his hands were becoming hairy trotters. In fact, all his men were swiftly turning into pigs. They tried to weep and cry out, but all they could do was to snort and squeal.

“Now do as I say,” cried Circe. “Pigs belong in the sty, not in my Kitchen. Be off with you!” And off they trotted to their new home.

When the men did not return to the ship, Odysseus grew worried, and he decided to go and search for them. He set out across the island in the direction of the smoke he had seen from the cottage. While he was walking through the woods, he met a young man – more of a boy, whose beard was still soft and downy on his face.

“Stranger, what are you doing here?” asked the young man.

“I’m going in search of my men who are lost,” said Odysseus.

“No doubt they are guests of the lovely Circe. You won’t find them in her house, but outside in the pigsty. Beautiful though she is, she is really a witch and she turns men into beasts. If you step inside her house, she will turn you into a pig too.”

“My men – turned into pigs!” exclaimed Odysseus. “Is this how you treat guests on this island?”

The young man did not reply, but took a small plant out of his knapsack and handed it to Odysseus. Its stem was black and its flower was white as milk. “Eat this,” he said, “It will make you safe against all magic tricks and potions. The name of this plant is molly; It is dangerous for mere mortals to pluck, for only gods can take it out of the ground safely.”

When he spoke these words, Odysseus realised that this was no ordinary young man, but Hermes the messenger of the gods. He ate the molly plant and went on his way.

Soon he came to the house in the woods that was guarded by wild beasts. Circe’s lovely singing voice drifted out through the window, and Odysseus walked boldly past the beasts and into the house. Inside he was greeted by the beautiful witch, who told him to sit down and try some of her soup. While she was heating it, she slipped some magic potion into the broth, for she intended to turn Odysseus into a pig like the others. She gave the soup to him, he drank it all down, and then she took out her wand and rapped the table with it.

“Now be off with you to the sty, pig-face” she cried.

Odysseus did not turn into a pig, but instead leaped to his feet, drew his sword and rushed at Circe. She, terrified, let out a shriek and fell to his feet begging for mercy.

“Please great lord – do not take such offence. It was just my strange sense of humour. It comes from living alone for so long, here in the woods with nothing but wild beasts for company. It is many years since I have seen a strong brave man like you. Come, let me kiss you…”

Odysseus let the beautiful witch kiss him, but all the time he was watching to see that she did not try any more of her tricks. She called her servant girls and commanded them to prepare a bath for their visitor. They brought hot and cold water and mixed the bath until it was just right. When Odysseus had bathed and rested, he found that they had prepared a delicious meal for him.

“Come, why do you look so sad?” asked Circe. “Let us eat together and wash the food down with honeyed wine.”

“How can a leader eat,” asked Odysseus, “when he knows that his companions are living outside in the muddy pigsty?”

When he spoke these words, Circe knew that there was no use pretending any longer that she was anything other than a witch. She went out to the pigsty and rubbed a magic ointment into the animals. Then she waved her wand and they began to change back into men, only younger and better looking than they were before. They began to weep, for what they had been through was truly terrible.

When they had recovered, Odysseus went back to the ship to fetch the rest of his men. They were all united at Circe’s house and sat down to a wonderful feast of celebration.

The Greeks stayed with the witch Circe for an entire month – and she didn’t try any more of her magic tricks on them. One morning Odysseus spoke to her, “Oh beautiful enchantress – too long have we enjoyed your hospitality. We must continue our journey to our home on the rocky island of Ithaca, but unfortunately we are completely lost. We do not know these seas. Can you direct us by the safest route?”

Circe replied, “Lord Odysseus, if it were up to me, I would keep you here always – but I understand that you must be on your way to your home and your lovely wife, Queen Penelope. There is no safe route for you and your men to return home; for when you leave here, you must pass through a narrow straight between the rocks of Scylla and the whirlpool of Charybdis. Both are perilous – for Scylla is a many armed monster who yelps like a dog. If you sail close to her cliffs, she will reach down and grab some of your men and shove them into her mouth. But if you sail too close to the whirlpool of Charybdis, your entire boat will be sunk down to the bottom of the sea and all of you will drown. It is a terrible choice to make but you are a leader – so plot your course as you see best. Next, if the gods permit you to pass through that dire strait, you will come to the Island of the Sun where the great sun god, Lord Apollo, keeps his herd of sacred cows. Do as I say – steer clear of the Island and do not land there. Nothing and nobody escapes the eyes of Apollo as he looks down from the sky. If you value your lives, avoid his island!”

So Odysseus and his men said farewell to the lovely Circe and sailed on their way. After three days, just as she had foretold, they reached the narrow passage that she had described. Up on the cliffs they could hear the monster Scylla, yelping like a dog that has been left tied up for too long. As they drew nearer, they could hear the terrible gurgling sound of the whirlpool, Charybdis.

“This is indeed a terrible choice”, thought Odysseus, “but is it a lesser evil to lose some of my men, than for all of us to drown? I must therefore chart my course closer to the cliffs than the whirlpool.”

He did not tell his men about Scylla, in case they lost heart and put down their oars. All his men’s eyes were on the dreadful whirlpool, gurgling like a cauldron. The men rowed as hard they could, but as they passed beneath Scylla, she reached down to the ship. Odysseus fought her with his spear, desperately trying to stab at her arms, but he could not prevent her from snatching up six of his men. The others rowed on, crying for their companions.

Once they passed through the strait, they saw the Island of the Sun, just as Circe had predicted.

“Thank heavens for land!” cried the men. Odysseus tried to tell them it was no good. They must not land, but sail on – for Circe had warned him of terrible danger should they set foot on the island belonging to the great sun god, Lord Apollo.

“Are you a slave driver?” cried out Lord Eurylochus. “In your rush to reach home, you deny us all rest. We are still grieving for our six lost companions. You cannot order us to sail on. We will surely die of sadness and exhaustion.”

Seeing that the men meant rebellion, Odysseus allowed the ship to land with great misgiving in his heart. They found that the island was covered in green fields, and that fat cattle were grazing. The men waited for Odysseus to fall asleep and then killed two cows and ate roast meat on the beach. When the sun rose in the morning, bright Apollo saw what they had done, and said to Zeus, who is Lord of all the gods.

“Great Lord – I am wronged. Those rascals and ruffians who crew the ship of that tricky Greek, Odysseus, have killed the sacred cattle that bring joy to my heart. If you will not punish them, I shall go down to the land of the dead and light up the gloomy underworld. No more shall I shine in the skies above the world.”

When Zeus heard these words he replied, “It is indeed a crime to take what rightly belongs the gods. When these men set sail tomorrow, I shall hit their boat with a burning thunderbolt.”

The next day, Odysseus told his men to set sail. When they were out out at sea, the sun disappeared behind a black cloud. The dark skies filled with lightening and an electric flash shot down from the hand of Lord Zeus and hit their boat, ripping it into two. All the men fell into the raging sea. Odysseus clung for his life to the broken mast of the ship, and somehow survived the storm. The sun shone once again on the now calm waters, and Odysseus saw land. Using his last strength, he swam into the shore and staggered onto the beach, where he fell down, exhausted.

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    Thanks for listening
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    Dido and Anaeus, the story in which the Greeks lay siege on the city of Troy, by entering the city gates, in a large Wooden Horse. Inside the belly of which, lie the greek soldiers, waiting to pan their attack on their city and defeat the Trojans.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Skeptical, I don’t agree that our Circe “loosely” follows the Odyssey. It’s not a translation, but the plot is pretty much the same. We had to lightly skirt over some aspects of Odysseus’s relationship with Circe but apart from that I stand by this being a faithful adaptation.

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    I think the protagonist is Odysseus because he made Circe return his men back to people and he told the men about the island being bad. The antagonist is Zeus because he split Odysseus boat into 2 with his powers, and Circe because she turned Odysseus men into pigs and tried turning Odysseus into a pig too.

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    The climax is were syclla takes 6 of his men.Man vs nature because he has to fight against the sea and avoid the gods.

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    I think that the protagonist is deffinetly odysseus because he turned his men back into humans and he made his men cautious about the island. As for the antagonist, it would be Circe and Zeus because Zeus split the ship into twowith his powers. Circe turned the men into pigs but at one point she could have been a protagonist because she let them stay with her for a month and gave them directions. :)

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    In this story the protagonist of the story is Odysseus because he saves his men from the with, Circe. Circe is the antagonist because she turned the men into pigs.

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    I think Circe is both the antagonist and the protagonist. Circe helped them but he did turn them into pigs which was wrong. So I would say that he was the antagonist AND the protagonist

    (Spragues student)

  • Stephie M says:

    I think Circe is both the antagonist and the protagonist. Circe helped them but he did turn them into pigs which was wrong. So I would say that he was the antagonist AND the protagonist

  • Jenna T says:

    I think that Circe is both the protagonist and the antagonist, because the good thing she did was,she told the men the directions they needed, and gave them shelter for a month,…… but the bad thing she did was, she lured them in with her voice and turned them into pigs! :)

  • jason w says:

    protagonist:Odysseus and his men
    antagonist:Circe the witch

  • Shane M says:

    Circe is the antagonist because he turns
    Odysseus’s men into pigs and tries to turn Odysseus into a pig but the molly plant saves him.Odysseus is the protagonist because he tries to save his men from the witch Circe.

  • Megan W. says:

    The protagonist is Odysseus beacause he tried to warn his men of the danger of what was going to happen . He also searched for the men when the were turned into pigs .

    The antagonist was Circe because she turned the men into pigs and didnt tell them what Zeus would do if they set foot on the island . She also could’ve gave them a different route.

  • austin r says:

    the antagonist is circe because he turned the men into pigs and the protagonist is odysseus because he saved the men from turning into pigs

  • ColbyC. says:



  • Chloe F says:

    Antagonist: Circe because she turned Odysseus’s men into pigs
    Protagonist: Odysseus because he saved his men from being turned into pigs for eternal life

  • Chloe F says:

    Antagonist: Circe because she turned the men into pigs
    Protagonist: Odysseus because he saved the men for eternal life as pigs

  • Jake H says:

    protagonists (not sure how thats spelled) is odysseus becuase he is the good guy in this story and is pretty much the main person and the antagonist is circe becuase she is mean and turns people into swine ^_^

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    the antaganists is cierce the beatiful witch.the protaginists is Odysseuss and men like Eurylochus.

  • Ethan says:

    I really like this story. It is my favorite story so far that we have read. My favorite part is the part when Circe turns Lord Eurylochus and his group into pigs.

  • Hunter R. says:

    The protagonist is Odysseus because he tried to save his men. The antagonist is Circe because she turned Odysseus’ men into pigs but she’s not that bad because she turned them back to people except she made them better looking.

  • chandler j. says:

    Odysseus was the protagonist who only wanted to lead his men home safely apollo and zues were the antagonist because in the end they killed his men

  • Amanda M. says:

    I think the Antagonist is circle because it turned all the men into pigs and the protagonist is Odysseus because he warned all his men about it.

  • Garrett N. says:

    The antagonist of the story was circe because she turned the men into pigs
    The protagonist of the story was odysseus because he warned the men and made circe turn them back to humans.

  • Sammie says:

    Protagonist:Oddysseus + Circe
    Because she also told him what to avoid when sailing, so she helped him. Plus Oddysseus was the protagonist because he got his men turned back into humans again, and he was a leader.

    Because she turned her men into pigs.

    i see how Mrs.S likes this story :)
    (because there is pigs)

  • TANNER D says:


  • AlexisO. says:

    I think that the Antagonist is Circe in the beginning because she was turning all the men in to pigs but near the end i think that Zues could be the Antagonist because he sent a fire bolt and split the ship in two.

    I think the Protagonist is Odysseus because he discovered the witch and made her fix everything and he tried to warn his men about the island too!

  • Colette says:

    Beautiful Witch-was a women that man in something like a pig. Odysseus-was the man that sad that go on the land. The pig man- the firt man to tan pig.

  • Anonymous says:

    Strry/ Beautiful Witc- it you walk in here houre you would be something like a big.

  • Maddy G. says:

    Basically the Protagonist is Odysseus and the Antagonist was the circle..


  • Luke M says:

    Circe is the antaganist because she turns all the men into pigs and tries to change Odysseus. Odysseus is the protaganist because he saves his men from Circe.

  • Dylan S says:

    I think that the protagonist in this story is Odysseus becuase he saved his men and tried to warn them of the island, even though he failed.

    I think the antoganist in this story is Circe becuase she tricked the men and turned them into pigs. But at the end she did sort of help them.

  • Jordan H(Sprauge) says:

    I think that the protagonist was defientally Odysseus because the whole time through the whole story he was just tryiny to protect his men but the didnt liste so they deserved what they got :)
    I think the anagonist would have to be Cice since she turned them all into pigs and was a witch but then i think she too could hav been a protagonist because once she turned them back into pigs she was nice, didnt ry anymore tricks and let them stay with them! She even gave them directinos on where to go! so i think it could have gone either way
    i liked this story:)

  • Erik says:

    Antagonist is the bad guy witch in this case is cirue and the protagainist is the good guy is Odysseus

  • alex b says:

    I think that the protagonist is Odysseus because he tried to kill Circe but let her live and i think the antagonist is Circe because she turned some of his men into pigs and tried to turn him into one to

  • Brayden A. says:

    I think the protagonist is Odysseus and his men. The antagonist is the Witch in the beginning, because she turns the men to pigs; but then she starts being nice and lets the mean stay with her for a month. Also, Zeus is an antagonist because he throws the lightning bolt at the ship and 6 men fell into the water.

  • lisa p says:

    Apollo is the Antagonist for haveing zues throw lighting at them.
    Odysseus is the protagonist couse he helped circe become good

  • Katie M. says:

    The Protagonist was Odysseus. No doubt about it. The Antagonist could’ve been either Circe, or Scylla. Remember, Circe was only evil for half of the story. And she did return Odysseus’ men back to him.
    This was a cool story. But I do think that Odysseus’ men got what they deserved for being so arrogant. Tired or not, So be it.

  • Tommy says:

    the antagonist was circe for her evil ways
    the protagonist was oddysius but not his men because they were foolish

  • Lee M. says:

    The protagonist of this myth is Odysseus because he goes and rescues his men who have been turned into pigs by the evil witch Circe.

    Circe is the antagonist because she pretends to be nice and then turns Odysseus’ men into pigs and keeps them in her pig sty. Although at the end she doesn’t want them to go and helps them out.

  • jaycie v says:

    protagonist: odysseus because he tried to save his men

    antagonist: circe because she turned the men into pigs

  • TP says:

    Odysseus is the most noticeable character to be a protagonist. For instance he saved his crew from living the life as pigs, he did his best to save as many of his crew members from scylla, and he even warned his crew members not to stop at the island of the sun. One of the antagonist of the story would be Odysseus crew. For example they wanted to create mutiny on Odysseus. The other antagonist would be Circe because she really only wanted to turn anyone who went into her house into a beast.

  • TrevorP says:

    Odysseus is the most noticeable character to be a protagonist. For instance he saved his crew from living the life as pigs, he did his best to save as many of his crew members from scylla, and he even warned his crew members not to stop at the island of the sun. One of the antagonist of the story would be Odysseus crew. For example they wanted to create mutiny on Odysseus. The other antagonist would be Circe because she really only wanted to turn anyone who went into her house into a beast.

  • Anonymous says:

    protagonist:odysseus because he tried to save his men

    antagonist: circe because she turned the men into pigs

  • Josh M says:

    i think the Antaganis is circe and the protaginis is Odysseus

  • Jaycie V. says:

    Protagonist:Odysseus because he tried to save his men.

    Antagonist:Circe because she turned the men into pigs.

  • Nate R says:

    The protagonist is Odysseus because he saved his men from Circe and told his men not to rest at the island. The antagonist is mostly Circe because she turns Odysseus’ men into pigs because of her strange sense of humor. Circe can also be the protagonist because she tells them about the whirlpool and the beast and not to go to the island that the sun god controls that helps them. Scylla and the whirlpool of Charybdis can also be a antagonist because they kill some of his men. The sun god is also a antagonist because he tells Zeus that they were on his crops and Zeus struck Odysseus’ boat with a lightning bolt and the boat split in half.

  • Tyler D says:

    The protagonist is Odysseus. He saved his men from the witch. The antagonist is Circe, the witch. She tricks men and turns them into pigs. She must be powerful because she has servants.

  • Gabrielle (Gabby) G. says:

    Protagonist= Odysseus
    he warned his men about the dangers

    Antagonist= Circe
    she turned the men into pigs

  • Michelle M. says:

    it was a good read. intresting.
    man vs man man vs knowledge. making a decision and living with it. and the responsibilities a leader has and the decision he has to make. that is what i learned about this story.

  • Nick G says:

    Antagonist is circle and protagonist is odysseus

  • celine says:

    Odysseus is the protaginous since he faught for his me and and was cautious about many things. The antagonist was circle since she was going to make all the men turn into pigs!!

  • Tony V. says:

    I feel that the protagonist(s) is/are odessyous and circe because circe only turned them into pigs but tuurned them back and warned them of the dangers and the island of apollo. I think that the protaginist is the crew because they disobeyed their captain that told them not to go to the island or they would die but they didnt listen.

  • Kodie W. says:

    Protagonists is Odysseous because he warns his men.Antaginists is Circe because he turns the men into little pigs!

  • cameron w says:

    i think



    cool story

  • Maddie L. says:

    Antagonist- Circe because It turns The men Into Piggys:)

    Protagonists- Odysseous Because he warned His men:)

  • Haily M. says:



  • adam says:

    i think protagonist and antagonist are selfesh really uncautious

  • apocalyptica says:


  • zach h says:

    i think the protagonist is hermes because without him protecting Odysseus he would of became a pig. the antagonist is circe because she is a witch that turns people into pigs

  • Elizabeth says:

    I believe the antagonist is Circe because she is a witch who turns odysseus’s men into animals…and odysseus is the protagonist because he saves his men and tries to return his men safely home.

  • chris shuart []-[] says:

    awesome story

  • chris shuart [] says:

    this climax was tricky,circe turns whoever steps in her house into a beast,although she did turn odyseuses men into humans again; so this would be or

  • Michael S. says:

    I think that the whitch is the antagonist and odysseus is the hero since she tried to turn his men into pigs and he saved them.

  • Caitlyn H. says:

    i think the protagonist is Odyesseus and Circe. i think Odyesseus because he tried to do what was best for his men and he went to look for his men. i think circe because she helped Odysseus.

    I think the antagonist is Circe, the gods, and the seas. I think circe is an antagonist because she turned the men into pigs and beasts. I think the gods and the seas are also antagonists because the gods split the boat in two and the seas tried to kill them.

  • JordanLMrsSprauge says:

    man vs man because they are staying at the witchs house ha i was first clim. when he gets on land

  • kenya m says:

    I think that odyseuss and his men are the antagonists because they had to face witches, monsters, and more.i think that the antagonist in the story is apollo and the monster because in the middle of the story the witch starts being nice so she is not the antagonist.

  • Kyle G. says:

    Odyesseus is the protagonist. Circe is the antagonist.

  • Mallory M says:

    Antogonist-Circe because she turns the men into pigs
    Protagonist-Odysseus because he helps his men by negotiating with Circe

  • Leslie D. says:

    I think in this story the protagonist of this story was Odysseus , because he risked 6 of his men rather than all of his men.
    Then i think the antagonist was Zeus for throwing a thunder bolt and killing all of the crew. I think maybe Circe was a antagonist in the begginning but she ended up being a protagonist !!!!!! :) :)

  • Ryan G says:

    I think Circe is the antagonist and Odysseus is the protagonist. he warned his men

  • harrison f says:

    THE antagonist of this story was Eurylochus because he denied Odisious even know he was right.

    the hero of this story was odisious because he listened to the witch

  • Anna W. says:

    Odysseus was the good person. Circe was the bad person. Odysseus was good because when he heard from the young man who was really a God say that his men were at Circe’s house in the pig sty, he didnt leave and set sail without them. He went looking for them. He could have turned into a pig too but wanted to get his men back. Circe, however put a potion in Odysseus’s soup, just like she did with his men. However he ate a mooly which protected him. He got his me back, when they were turned back to humans. But Circe also was nice after Odysseus came toward her with a sword. She let him and his men stay with her for a whole month and told them how to get home. So in this story, Odysseus is the good person while Circe is the bad person.

  • Mia G. says:

    crice is the antagonist and odysseus

  • Kimber says:

    This was a realy cool story!

    The protagonist in the story was Odysseus because we saved his men and always tried to do the right thing.

    The antagonists in the story were Circe in the BEGINNING because she turned almost all of the men into pigs(were the beasts also men?), the whirl-pool because it tried to sink the men, the Scylla because she ate 6 of the men, and the men because they went against Odysseus’s wishes on the island.

  • Braden P says:

    I think the protaganist is Odysseus because he saved his men, then warned them about the island.

    The antagonist changes a bit but the main one is circle because she captured Odysseus’s men and turned them into pigs. Altough later she warns Odysseus of the dangers ahead. Then the crew becomes a bit like an antagonist because they ignored Odysseus and went on the island and killed 2 cows.

  • Britt says:

    The characthers in the story were Oydessues his men Circe, Hermies and the Gods.
    I think the Protagonist is Circe because she warned the men about the path and if she didn’t the men probaly would not have known about the path. But at the same time Circe turned the men into pigs.
    The antagonist is either Oydessues or Circe. Oydessues because he let some of his men die. Circe because she turned the men into pigs.

    This story was my faveorite. Now I know why Mrs. Sprague likes it!
    Oink Oink

  • Hannah G. says:

    I think that at 1st, Circe was the antagonist, until she hospitalized them in her house and told them what to do and how to get to where they need to go. In the end, the antagonist was Zeus and Apollo. The main protagonist is Odysseus, also including Hermes- the messenger of the gods.

  • Aaron C. says:

    The Antagonist is Apollo, becuase he took the sun away, and Odyssyus is the protagonist, for he is the main character.

  • Noah G says:

    I think Circe would be the antagonist and Odysseus would be the protagonist

  • John(To Mrs Sprauge says:

    I think that the protagonist is ovesasly Odesseus. To the contarary I think that the antagonist is Lord Eurylochus. That is because that Eurylochus made the men land on Apollo’s Island.

  • Sabrina WB says:

    The antagonist is Circe
    The protagonist is Hermes (the messenger of the gods) and Odysseus

    Circe because she tricked the men into becoming pigs

    Hermes and Odysseus because Hermes warns them amd Odysseus go over there, after he was warned, to save his men

  • Taylor E. says:

    This was a hard one to choose, but a very good story.

    Protagonist: Odysseus because he tried to help his men and he went and saved them from being pigs.

    Antagonist: Eurylochus because he trys to over rule Odysseus to make the right choice but ends up killing everyone.

  • Taylor T. says:

    i think the Protagonist is Odysseus and the Antagaonist would be Circe and his men even because he warned them and they didnt care to listen and so they all died

  • Devin O. says:

    Protagonist: Lord Odysseus, Lord Eurylochus, the ship crew, Circe

    Odysseus was a leader and risked six men rather than all of the men.

    Antagonist: Circe, Zeus, Apollo

    Circe turned the ship crew and Eurylochus into pigs.

  • Erica D says:

    The chacters in the story are Odyssus,LordEurylochos,Circe,Hermes, Apollo, and zeus . She protaginis is odysseus because he helped save his men, and the antoganist is circe for turning the men into pigs.

    Iv’e Heard this story before but told differntly.

  • Annesha W. says:

    Antagonist: circe in the beginning, the men also for killing the sacred cows.
    Protagonist: Odysseus was portrayed as the hero in this story

    Though if you look at it differently Circe could be the protagonist

  • S.S. says:

    circe is definetly the antagonist
    and i think odyseus is the protaagonist

  • Annesha W. says:

    antagonist: circe in the begging,the men also for killeing the shacred cows.
    protagonist: odysseus was protrayed as the hero in this story

    thougth if you look at it differently Circe could be the protagonist

  • ROCHA says:

    the protaagonist was odysseus and the antagonist was zues, that witch chick, and the other monster that sounds like a dog. i kinda liked this one the most…..(~:

  • Derek V. says:

    Odysseus wanted to explore the island while Odysseus’s men didnt want to.

  • Sam N. says:

    I think Eruylochus isn’t thinking straight, and Odyssess, even though he knew, probably would have been smart enough not to do that.

    Antagonist- Circe

    Protagonist- Odyssess

  • Kiara (P) P.4 says:

    Protaginist is Odysseus and Circe i both antagonist because she turns the men into pigs and protaginist because she helps the men get home!!! Tis one is the best so far :)

  • Brian Bottger says:

    i really like this story

  • Brian Bottger says:

    I think Circe is the antagonist because circe turned his men to pigs and Odysseus is the protagonist because he goes after Circe

  • Kaler says:

    I think the protagonist is Odysseus
    because he goes the extra mile to save his men. He might be part antagoist but not fully because he let his men die. Circe is the main antagonist. She turns all the guys to pigs but then becomes part protagonist by telling Odysseus where to go after he left the island



  • Marco c says:

    the protagonist is Odysseus and the antagonist is the Beautiful Witch.I liked when the witch could not turn Odysseus into a pig.

  • Brielle a. says:

    Lord Eurylochus could of been the same kind of leader as Odysseus. If Odysseus didnt know about Circe and the routes Circe talked about he would of been in the same situation as Eurlochus. Also Eurlochus would of let his men on the island and plunder to their death without help when Zuess ruined the ship. but, if Eurlochus had a wife it depends if he would ctually let the pig making beautiful witch kiss him. Circe is a confident women who is powerful, but also why would she want to make only animals,sing, and cook food? Also i like how she never lied when the Odysseus and his men were living with her. Also if Zuess was a god, wouldnt he know what the men have been through? Well they did invade the Sun God’s land but their punishment didnt have to be death. Well, i guess the Sun God would of killed them anyways. The story got a little depressing.

  • James pink. says:

    Antagonists: Circe, Greek Gods Zeus And Apollo , and the whirlpool and the monsters.

    Protagonists: Odyseuss, Hermes, and Circe.

    Circe is an antagonist because she turned the soliders into pigs, but she is also a protagonist because she turned them back into men, let them stay at her house,and gave Odysseus the right instructions.

    The Greek Gods Zeus and Apollo are antagonists because Apollo tattle which made Zeus throw a lighting bolt at their ship.

    The monster and the whirlpool were antogonist. the monster ate the crew and the whirlpool made them choose the monster because it would suck them all down.

    Hermes is a protagonist because he gave Odysseus the flower which made him resistant to circe’s magic.
    And obviously Odysseusis a protagonist

  • Gunther J. says:

    I believe that the antagonist is Circe. She is the antagonist because she tricked the men and turned them into pigs. Although she did the terrible things she did she was also the protagonist. Circe guided Odysseus past the cliff, the whirlpool, and Apollo’s island.

  • Catherine T. says:

    protagonist= odysseus
    because he saved his men from the evil circe, so that would make him a hero

    antagonist= circe
    because she was going to turn odysseus’s men into pigs, so that would be an evil thing to do!

  • Porsha N. says:

    I think that Circe is the antagonist and that and that Odysseus is protagnious, because well see Circe is a bad witch and she trys to at one point kill Odysseus meaning that it is bassically evil v.s. good meaning or sujesting that Circe is the antagonist and that Odysseus is the protagnious……

  • Cory says:

    circe is the antagonist because she turned men into pigs but odysseus is the protagonist because he warned his men about circe turning men into beasts

  • Josh E. says:

    the protagonist is odysseus because he never did anything bad and the antagonists are circe and his crew because circe turned his men into pigs and his crew went behind odysseus back and almost killed him

  • Matt W says:

    i think that the antagonist was when Circe the beautiful witch turned his men into pigs.
    i think that the protagonist was When Odysseus told his men not to go to the island
    this was a good story

  • Kaitlin B says:

    Protagonist- Odyssues
    He was worried about his men!

    Antagonist- Circe
    She turns people into pigs!

  • Alinah says:

    Thanks Odyssey Geek for the details. ! Yes, we didn’t do the land of the dead. It’s a very touching moment when Odysseus meets the ghost of his dead mother, but I wasn’t sure that it was quite right for Storynory’s young audience. In the famous words of Virgil who followed Homer Sunt Lacrimae rerum

  • Alina says:

    the story was good and the carectores in the story diffrent.I love the story.

  • Alex K. says:

    I think Circe is the antagonist and she is just skitzofretic turning them into pigs but helping them. Also the protaganist is odysseus because him and his men are just trying to get home.

  • Nathan O. says:

    he warned his men

    it turns men into pigs

    i really liked this story!

  • shelby t says:

    I think Circe is the antagonist and Odysseus is the protagonist.

  • Bertie says:

    Thanks Odyssey Geek for the details. ! Yes, we didn’t do the land of the dead. It’s a very touching moment when Odysseus meets the ghost of his dead mother, but I wasn’t sure that it was quite right for Storynory’s young audience. In the famous words of Virgil who followed Homer Sunt Lacrimae rerum.

  • Odyssey Geek says:

    Great rendition! Note that in the actual story Eyrylohkos is suspicious and stays outside while the rest of the men, including Odysseus’s friend Polites, go in and are changed into PIGS! Eurylohkos then rushes back and tells Odysseus. Oh, and you forgot the Land of the Dead. But that scene really was scary, so that’s probably for the best.

  • sevim says:

    this story is cool.
    ? think that old greecs were so interessant creativ .
    thanks for this story.I had fun to read it.

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Amber, Athena appears in the last of the Odysseus series, the home coming.

    I agree with you that she is a cool goddess, especially as she the most beautiful building in the world dedicated to her – the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens.

  • Amber says:

    do you have any stories on Athena the greek goddess she’s my favorite greek goddess. I wish I was named Athena that ‘s such a pretty name

  • me me says:

    i love this story.

  • Charmian says:

    Can u please check for spelling mistakes Bertie? U have at least one or two mistakes in each story. And + is bugging me

  • girlywirly says:

    so sad!:(

  • LadyLove268 says:

    This is like an awesome story

  • victoria says:


  • hunter says:

    man vs fate

  • Taylor says:

    Hi, these are great Myths and you tell them well.

  • summer bailey says:

    Odysseus and circe

  • Angelia says:

    That’s a good story, I’m going to have a quiz about this ^^

  • briana says:

    reallyyyllylyly long u should only have important info on there..

  • Danielle c says:

    Protagonist is odysses antagonist is Circe

  • Deanna says:

    protagonist: Oddysseus, he saved his men from being turned into pigs oink oink!!!

    antigonis: circe, she was going to turn oddysseus’s men into pigs

  • LoGaN j. says:

    the Circe is the antogonist because she used mind control and morphed the men into pigs and odysseus is the protagonist

  • Taylor v says:

    the protagonist is odyssues and the antagonist is circe

  • krisL says:

    protagonist ulysses antagonist circe

  • alex says:


  • kiana perez says:

    i like this story i believe circe and odysseus are the protagonist but i also believe that circe is the antagonist

  • Jonathan Lewis says:

    the antigonist of this story is circe the witch because she turned the men into pigs and stuff. the protagonsit is odyseus

  • katie w. says:

    antagonist: circe
    protagonist: odysseus

    circe turned odysseus’s men in to pigs but then turned them back, and got odysseus to stay for six months

  • denton XG says:


  • brock says:

    sorry but i dident like this story cuz i just dident i mean circe is cool and all but no i hated it

  • j-cov says:


    antag- definitely circe

  • badonkadonk says:


  • rikelle kleiN says:

    i think that circe the beautiful witch is both in some ways. because she finds shelter for them, and food for them for 6 months. but then again she turned all of odysseus crew into pigs.
    So in some way:
    the protagonist:ODysseus

  • Amanda;hi ms.sprague says:

    circe was antagonist and the protagonist was odysseus.circe turned odysseus’ men into pigs and odysseus made circe change them back into humans

  • Chris says:

    The protaganist is odysseus and the antagonist was Circe

  • Christian says:

    the protangonist is odysseus because he saved his men from being pigs and the antaginist is circe because she was going to turn them into pigssss.

  • savannah M says:

    i liked this story. it was better than the first two..
    protagonist- Odysseus, antagonist- Circe

    but at the end circe is kind of a protagonist because she helps them by telling odysseus what they would run in to.

  • Kelsey says:

    Protaganist: Odysseus
    Antagonist: Circe

  • liam says:

    the main antagonest is definetly circe the protagonest is odyessus

  • Tabbieee:) says:

    Antagonist was Odyessus. Avovided bad obstacles with majic and luck.
    Protagonist was Circe. Pretty,Mysterious,but evil.

  • Kairda says:


  • Sierra says:

    I think:
    Protagonist=Odysseus because he warned and saved his men.
    Antagonist=Circe because she turns men into PIGS.
    Thanks : )

  • Connor W. says:

    The protagonist is Odysseus because he really tried his best to save his men from Circe and to get them home safely.

    In a way
    Circe ended up being a protagonist as well because she tried to make up for her turning the men into pigs by giving Odysseus directions on how to get home safely.
    Circe can also be seen as an antagonist because she tried to ruin the men just for fun.

    The other antagonist is the Scylla for killing so many of the men on the ship.

  • Aaron says:

    protangonist is odysseus and they antagonist is circe….

  • Samra B. says:

    It was really nice. I think the protagonist is Odysseus and the antagonist was circe.

  • ryan says:


  • Elle says:

    the protagonist is Odysseus
    the antagonist is Circe

  • dylan s says:

    ANTAGONIST: circe, whirlpool, and scylla. because they caused trouble.

    PROTAGINIST: odysseus. because he saved all his men by talking(negotiateing) with the witch so he could have his men back

  • Alisa says:

    I believe that Circe was the antagonist of this story. She turned part of Odysseus’ crew into pigs to satisfy her strange snese of humor. Odysseus was the protagonist because all he wanted was to save his crew. He negotiated with Circe to save his men and treated her fairly at the same time.
    In the second part of the story Odysseus continued to be the protagonist by saving as many men as possible while sailing through the cliffs and warning the men not to land on Apollo’s island. The antagonists were the whirlpool, the Scylla and the god Apollo because they just wanted to kill his men.

  • alexis says:

    the protagonist was Odyessus. he was always aware of what was going on around him. he was strong, cautious, and understanding. the antagonist was Circe. she was a witcch with a beautiful appearance. sort of like a siren, she called men into her house and turned them into beasts. i was confused as to why she turned the men back to men, but i kind of understand becamse odyseeus is so powerful.

  • Megan says:

    This was a weird story. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think there are any beautiful women who turn brave, hansome men into pigs. Anyways, I think Odysseus was the protagonist because he saved his men from Circe and, to the best of his ability, tried to keep his men safe on their journey home. Circe is one of the antagonists for turning the men into pigs. Scylla is another for eating six of the men. The final villans were Odysseus’s men who ended up killing themselves by making the decision to land on Apollo’s land and eat two of his cows. Apollo and Zeus were not bad because they were just making things right. (by the way, Circe is my favorite character)

  • Dana says:

    the protagonist is odysseus, and circe the evil witchy witch is the antagonist. she turns random guyz into pigs, and as entertaining as that would be, shes still evil and causes problems. and weird, that version is different then te one i heard last year….

  • Jaclyn says:

    Circe and Odysseus ae the protagonists and Circe is also the antagonist because she turned all the men into pigs! Good Story :)

  • austin c. says:

    i think that the portagonist was Odysseus because he helps his men to turn back in to men.
    and the antagonist was circe because she turned the men into pigs and tryed to turn odysseus in to one. cirirce is a mean for trying to tern the men to pigs. i bet Sprauge liked the part a bout the pigs ;).

  • amy j. =D says:

    circle is protagonist the antagonist odysseuss

  • Olivia A says:

    protagonist- Odysseus, antagonist- Circe

  • cassie says:

    I think that the protagonist and antagonist are the smae person; Circe. she turns them into pigs, but also helps the Greek men by telling them about their dangerous journey ahead.

  • Robbie says:

    This was my favorite story so far, I think Circe was the protagonist and the antagonist bercause she turned them into pigs but also helped them get back home warning them about Lord Apollo,the Sun God.

  • Becca says:

    Protagonist: Odyesseus

    Antagonist: Circe
    : )

  • Daniel H. says:

    THe chacters in the story are odyssus,lord Eurylochos,circe,hermes,apollo,zeus and sylla. the protaginis is odysseus because he helped save his men. And the antoganist is circe for turning the men into pigs

  • kris L says:

    this story confuses me but it is very good story telling indeed i really cant tell who the protagonist or antagonist is the witch is like an evil hero…

  • amanda says:

    Just to clearify, amanda p.

  • amanda says:

    antagonists-circe:turned the men into pigs.,zues:killed most of Odysseus’ men,(somewhat)apollo: being stubborn about the situation,and Eurylochus:he refused to listen to Odysseus.
    Protagonists-Hermes:Giving Odysseus the molly plant/helping and warning him,(somewhat)Circe:Showing Odyssues the way and Odysseus:Saving the crew from being pigs/not being sucked in by some huge whirlpool.

  • Jazmin.... says:

    sorry about the last comment….anyways the antagonist was circe and the protagonist was also circe because she causes bad stuff for them and good stuff…

  • JOAD KING!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    protagonist odysseus he turns the men back to humans
    antagonist is the circle of corse because she turns them to pigs

  • ryan says:

    this stroy teaches you about not to trust strangers or witches

  • Taylor says:

    I think Circe is both the antagonist and the protagonist. Circe helped them but he did turn them into pigs which was wrong. So I would say that he was the antagonist AND the protagonist.

  • Ginny? says:

    the antagenist is circe and the protaganis is odysseus!!!??????

  • Logan M says:

    If Mrs sprague reads this, look at the ninth comment

  • Logan M says:

    Protagonist: oddyseus
    Antagonist: Circe, Gods, Sailors

  • Anna says:

    I agree with Maddy! SHe is completely mistreating the men at first and then all of a sudden she is an angel! WOW! I think that Odysseus needs to think more of the men! Has to be my favorite so far!

  • Evan Shoelace says:

    The protagonist is Odysseus, because he gets Circe to turn the men back into humans. The antagonist is Circe because she turned them into pigs! (or swine)

  • Andrew says:

    it was a good story. a little boring. the antagonistS were: circe, zeus, and apollo. protagonists: odysseus, hermes, eurilochus.

  • Savannah S. says:

    This story is very could. And I agree with Maddie that Cire is the protagonist and the antogonists. But Odysseus should really keep an eye on his man. Mrs. Sprauge I see why you like this so much!!!

  • Olivia says:

    I like it how Circe and Odysseus share the role as the main character. Expect that Circe is the hero in the story. Yet, Circe is also the antagonist. She turns the men into the pigs. The Greek gods were also the antagonist in the story because they struck the boat down. Very clever story!

  • Conor says:

    Circle was both the antagonist and the protagonist of this story because at first she turned odysseus’men into pigs,but when she met odysseus she
    Brought his men back and helped them.

  • jonathan says:

    i think she ia antagonist and protagonist becuz she helped them find shelter but she turned them into pigs. if someone did that to me id go pajamas on them

    peace =D

  • daniel(danny) says:

    I think circe is the antagonist and protagonist because he help them find shelter and a home and food yet she turned them into pigs.

  • Maddie says:

    Circe was both the main antagonist and protagonist of this story. This is because she helped direct the men to thier home and how to avoid as best they could the monsters. She also gave them food and a place to stay for a month. Yet she turned some of them into pigs. There also was the Greeks gods who were also antogonists and ruined the mens’ boat.

  • Janell (Sprauge) says:

    Odysseus- always finds his men trouble and yet funds them a way out but then they get themselves killed some how or way

    Circe- has an interesting idea for turning men into pigs

  • Janell (Sprauge) says:

    Odyesseus- always finds his men trouble and yet always finds them a way out

    Circe- has an interesting choice of turning men into pigs

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    Hi Mom of Five, we will get round to some Roman mythology / ancient history one day, but we’ve got a lot on at the moment.

  • Mom of five says:

    I love mythology. Natasha, you read so well. My children love your interpretations! Can you record Roman myths, too? Thank you for distributing the important stories of our culture!

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    I’m afraid I haven’t heard of the story of English Roses..

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  • [...] things, like singing together and painting murals. Competitive sport brutalises people – like Circe, it turns them into [...]

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    Thanks for dropping by !

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  • Catherine says:

    In Homers’ “Odyssey”, Eurylochus did not enter into Circe’s house with the rest of his men, and so is not changed into a pig. He feared treachery, and is the one who goes and tells Odysseus of what happened.

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  • Bertie says:

    Thanks Sheryl, I must have been sleeping on the pond that day. I’ve deleted them.

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    Hi Bertie ,
    After reading the above comments I found out that they are talking about love ……and so on ….
    May be you can be on a lookout if any more of these happens…….they even give their phone numbers
    I hope nothing will happen to storynory because of those …

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    I am Saffron and my real name is Sheryl.

    I love this story although it is very long…
    Well Done you have choose the correct story.

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