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Garden of Flowers Review

Dear Kids

This a special edition Post Literary Review of The Garden Of Live flowers with a special comment from flower & garden expert Susan Lynn, of Notting Hill.

This is about Alice’s journey when she finds herself in the garden of live flowers and meets the flowers who try and cross her path


Her initial meanderings and route along the path that twists and turns like a corkscrew distracts little Alice from the direction she wants to be heading in, which would be the end to all her adventures and take her back to the Looking Glass House.

Caroll tells us how the path twists and Alice exclaims ‘It’s more like a corkscrew than a path!” The path th8erefore seems to reflect her strong curiosity and conflicts with her determination to keep the path straight and follow her way up on the hill. This again links to the theme of time we have encountered in the previous “Alice Down The Rabbit Hole” chapters, where Alice finds herself plunged into a world where it seem, there is little sense of control or of time and therefore we deeply empathise with little Alice when she says that despite the Garden route trying to affect ther ‘ She Really will do a character from one of previous Alice chapters It is then we see how she encounters the flowers who talks to her and cross her path, seemingly wanting to stop her in her tracks:

It is these flowers in the garden and their character, that can be seen to link to Alice and her character when she tries to move through the garden. And the origins of the flowers themselves, and the flower families they belong to, which can be found in the book The Flower booklet for The Pocket belongings, are another interesting aspect of her journey.

The character of The Rose reflects its rude and impertinent character.

‘Where does she wear her thorns ‘? Little Alice asks. And the Tiger Lily who, with its animalistic name that says it’s like a tiger, says with a roaring voice:

“Hold your tongue! And the Violet, small and rounded in a snubbing way that stops her in here tracks, says to Alice ‘ I never saw anybody stupider!

The flowers are a strong match for little Alice, as she attempt’s to navigate her way through the Garden and get on the path to where she is supposed to be.

The Red Queen, a character from previous chapters, whom Alice stumbles across in the garden and is like a Bad Luck omen, wants answers from little Alice on her journey through the Garden and to know, where she has been (highlighting?) how little Alice in a non fictional sense isn’t perhaps always where she is supposed to be!(do you mean : the Red Queen is reminding Alice that she isn’t always where she is supposed to be?)

‘Its Time to answer now’ says the Red Queen’ to her demandingly

‘ I only wanted to see what the Garden was like your majesty’ replies Alice- once more pointing up Alice’s curious nature on her Journey through the Garden of Live Flowers.


Thanks for reading

And listening

Q: Do you have any flowers in your Garden you talk to?


Susan Lynn, Gardener of Notting Hill gives us her thoughts on flowers:

I always say “Hello, pleased to see you” to flowers when they first appear, especially Hellebores – one of the first to flower in late winter and who hang their heads so you have to bend down and look up at the markings, and in late summer, the dahlias, with their mop of tousled red hair, because their survival is always uncertain


Id also recommend flower lover The Little Flower Book for the Pocket also advised by Susan Lynn, so thanks to you!


And that’s my literary review, which if you take the time to read, ill respond back to you!


Bye bye



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