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Wizard of Oz Activity 6: How to find courage

In this Wizard of Oz activity we will be learning how to find courage just like the cowardly Lion, when he meets little Dorothy and the companions in Chapter 6, The Cowardly Lion and decides to venture with them along the yellow brick road.

Firstly lets recap on the character of the Cowardly Lion and his story so far.

Dorothy and her travelling companions meet the Cowardly lion, when he comes roaring from the forest chasing little Toto the dog, and they are surprised to find he is timid. He explains that all the animals in the forest do not fear him as they should because he has lost his courage, Dorothy suggests he should join them along the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City to meet the great Oz who may grant him the courage he needs.

Imagine that there is something you’ve always wanted to do and need to gather up courage for it – for example you want to climb a mountain

Write down three things that you can think of that may help you find courage to do what you want.

For instance if you want courage to climb a mountain:

  1. Find a friend or relative who is experienced in mountain walking and ask them to go with you.
  2. Practice reading a map with a compass.
  3. Draw your mountain and mark out spots with a red cross to break the journey up like mini goal posts, that you will reach along the way.

So plan it well, take a deep breath before you begin, and wear good shoes! The important thing is to think of steps you can take on the way to solving your problem.

In Chapter 7, the Lion is still a little afraid to act when they come across the fierce Kalidahs, but he does carry the friends to safety on his back. In chapter 8, when the scarecrow gets stuck on the pole in the river, the Lion bravely jumps into the river and swims to push the raft to the land. So the Lion is perhaps braver than he realises. Maybe you are too !

Wiz Oz Activity

Maybe there is something you think you are not very good at like swimming or making new friends.

Write down three reasons why this could be:

For example, you need to find a nice pool near by you and find the opening times!

Write down three things you will do to help you get your wish.

For example,  you will pick a new swimming costume and pack your bag the night before.

Don’t wait for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz to solve your problems, you can solve them yourself !

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Dorothy & The Lion

Dorothy and the Lion

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