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Storytelling World Book Day

Storynory celebrated World Book Day, this year on Friday the 2nd of March with some live storytelling at Muswell Hill Library.

Children and teachers from St James and Muswell Hill Primary came to watch the storytelling, performed by Storynory voice over artist Natasha. The stories   told for the event were The Golden Goose, by The Brothers Grimm, Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault and an original Storynory story Katie and The Invisible Umbrella by Hugh Fraser.

Storynory was delighted to have shared World Book day with Muswell Hill Library. Story games and free special Storynory badges were given out after and children thorougally enjoyed their day. Storynory would like to thank Lorna Thompson for organizing the event with the local schools.

World Book Day is now in its 15th year and celebrates Book reading all over the country as well as promoting Book reading events, activities and offering a platform for storytellers. To find out more about World Book Day visit:

If you would like to find out more about storytelling from

e-mail Natasha,

Katie and The Invisible Umbrella Storytelling



Katie Invisible Umbrella




The Golden Goose


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3 Responses to “Storytelling World Book Day”

  • Natasha says:


    Your welcome. Katie and The Invisible Umbrella is a great story and I hope you enjoy listening to more Katie stories soon. We have more Katie stories to come so look out and keep listening.

    So look out and Keep listening.
    From me Natasha
    Bye Bye
    N *

  • nilufar says:

    it was great.thanks

  • teresa says:

    I much enjoyed listening to Natasha reading The Golden Goose. It’s a charming tale with a positive moral. Natasha’s light=hearted and jaunty reading struck exactly the right note.

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