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Happy Easter Activity: Easter Egg Making

Faberge Egg Painting

Dear Listeners,

Happy Easter!

I hope you had nice Easter day. There can be lots more Easter fun to come..
Why not tell us how you received your easter eggs? Did you have to search for them with a treasure hunt? Or were you given them in a special way? Maybe secretly the Easter Bunny left some for you…. Drop a comment on Storynory and let us know.

And here is a fun activity you can try this Easter time. It involves painting a real egg! Follow these simple steps to create your own special Easter Faberge Egg.

Firstly Find the following materials:
A Paint Brush, Paints, A Jar for some Water.

1. Scoop out a hard-boiled egg,so you just have the shell.
2. Paint on a base layer on top of the egg. And wait for it to dry.
3. Choose a pattern or design and paint this on top. Criss cross or poker dot work well.
4. Use a glazing agent to brush over the paint to have your egg shine nicely.
Give it as a present or put it on a shelf!

You might like to try this activity whilst listening to Bertie and The Faberge Egg. And there are other Easter stories you can enjoy listening to, including The Missing Bunny, Tick Tock Turkey and the Chocolate Tree.

Have a great Easter!
Bye Bye
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