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Bertie’s Lost Christmas

Bertie Lost

It is Christmas Eve. Bertie the frog is performing his stand-up comedy act abroad. He and Tim are delayed by snow when trying to get back to their pond, and end up with in a bus depot with some unlikely characters.

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Tim the Tadpole’s Birthday

Tim the Tadpole from Storynory and the bertie series

We first recorded Tim the Tadpole’s Birthday way back in 2006, but somehow the mp3 file was overwritten and lost. Now, for the first time in some years, we present this sparkly story in its entirety.

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Bertie in the Land that Time Forgot

A land where mobile phones and iPads are banned.

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Bertie and the Frog Princess

What would it be like to be a frog? Have you ever wanted to be one just for a day?

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Bertie’s Magic Pancakes

Pancakes Thumb

Shrove Tuesday has a special tradition at the Palace that dates back to the days of Bertie’s true mother who is remembered for her magic pancake recipe.

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Bertie’s Quest

Dinosaur head

It is soon to be Beatrice’s Birthday and she asks him to go on an impossible quest, to find her a living dinosaur as a pet.

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Colin’s April Fool


The grumpiest fish on the pond plays and April Fool joke – but is it funny?

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Bertie and the Secret Potato

A Bertie adventure that takes us to the jungle of Papua New Guinea in search of the secret of eternal youth.

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Bertie and the Queen’s Confession

The Wicked Queen has confessed everything. She had recorded the story of how she turned Bertie into a frog. The cassette tape has gone missing. Bertie MUST get hold of it.

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Bertie in Siberia

Prince Bertie goes to Siberia in search of a family heirloom, a Faberge egg. On the Trains Siberian Train he meets a mysterious Mongolian Princess.

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