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Bertie Meets Father Christmas

The absolutely true story of how Prince Bertie the Frog met Santa Claus and his reindeer. The Lovely Princess Beatrice was most terribly upset after the wicked stepmother called off Christmas, and Bertie just had to cheer her up. Read More

Bertie Valentine

All the pond life are excited by Valentine's day. But nobody is more excited than Bertie the frog. All he has to do, is to lure the Lovely Princess Beatrice Down to the Pond, receive her kiss from her, and he will turn back into his true self - a handsome prince. Read More

Bertie Writes A Book

Bertie has become an author - and here you can listen to the the story of how he came to write his first block-buster. Read More

Colin: The Grumpy King

How an exceptionally grumpy fish who lives on the pond with Prince Bertie the Frog was turned into the King for a day and tried to ban football. There's a moral in it somewhere. Read More

Video: How Old Are You?

Bertie the Frog Speaks ! As does Tim The Tadpole, Colin The Grumpy Carp, and Sadie the Swan. In this short animation Tim, who is rather a curious little tadpole, has a very important question. And maybe, just maybe, there's a birthday soon on the pond. Read More

Agent Bertie

You will only hear this on Storynory because it's Top Secret. Natasha exclusively reveals that before Bertie was turned into a frog, he worked as a Secret Agent. Read More

Three Short Bertie Stories

Three short and slapstick pond-life stories compiled from the early days of Storynory. Notable for the voice of Rob playing Colin the Carp and Barker the Dog. Read More

Colin’s Grumpy Christmas


A fish wishes to be alone. Santa grants him his desire for Christmas, and then he wonders if peace and quiet is such a wonderful thing after all. Read More

Bertie’s Double

The Wicked Queen is determined that Princess Beatrice should marry a rich prince - but Beatrice stays true to her long lost Prince Bertie - then the Queen finds someone who looks just like Bertie. Read More