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Prince Bertie Returns

Spooky, exciting, dramatic, romantic, funny – the most epic Bertie story ever ! Bertie has spent eight long years as a frog on the pond. Is this the story where he turns back to a prince? The only way to find out, is to listen to Natasha and Richard’s special performance recorded for Christmas 2013

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Bertie and the General

Prince Bertie learns some history from an old war veteran, and he proves that even if he sometimes can be a bit spoilt and rude, deep down he has a very good heart.

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Bertie and the Boot Camp

Natasha tells us how Bertie was sent to a outdoor training “Boot Camp” and survived to tell the tale.

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Bertie and the Merchant of Palmyra

Natasha returns with a Bertie Story ! The King and Queen visit the desert oasis of Palmyra. The Wicked Queen brings back a souvenir that starts to haunt her

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Tim The Tadpole’s Exams

Tim the Tadpole is very upset because Colin has called him stupid for not doing well at school. Bertie decides to help Tim with some advice on how to pass exams.

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Bertie’s Car

Prince Bertie was the kingdom’s most courteous driver. The Wicked Queen hoped that his ordinary car and slow driving would not impress Princess Beatrice.

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Sadie’s Broken Heart

Princess poppy falls into the pond and leaves her crown in the water. Sadie the swan picks it up on her head, and is seen by Prince Boris who is convinced that she is a princess who has been turned into a swan.

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Bertie and the Mermaid

The story of why Bertie thinks that Mermaids are no better than sirens.

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Bertie and the Ghost

When Bertie was still a small prince, his annoying little brother bet him that he would not dare to sleep one Halloween night in the haunted North Tower. Bertie did – and he met a ghost with a strange sense of humour.

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Bertie and the Lion

The story of how Prince Bertie kept a lion as a pet when he was a small boy living in the palace, and what happened when the lion grew too big to keep.

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