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Pinocchio, Chapter 36: A Boy

Pinocchio Chapter 36

The Final Chapter of Pinocchio, in which we meet some old friends, and our story reaches its conclusions.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 35: Reunited

Pinocchio Chapter 35

Pinocchio is inside the belly of the shark. He meets somebody there quite unexpectedly.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 34: The Shark

Pinocchio, Chapter 34

Pinocchio seems on the point of death more than once as is thrown into the sea with weights around him, and then chased by a Shark.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 33: The Circus Donkey

Pinocchio, Chapter 33

Pinocchio, having become a Donkey, is bought by the owner of a Circus, who wants to teach him to do tricks. The Donkey becomes lame and is sold to a man who wants to use his skin for a drumhead.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 32: Donkey’s Ears

Pinocchio, chapter 32

Pinocchio’s ears become like those of a Donkey. In a little while he changes into a real Donkey and begins to bray.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 31: The Land of Toys

Pinocchio, Chapter 31

Pinocchio travels to the Land of Toys, but on the way some strange events make him feel greatly uneasy

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Pinocchio, Chapter 30: Lamp-Wick

Chapter 30, Pinocchio

Pinocchio is set to become a boy again. He sends out invitations for his celebration party. But his best friend, Lamp-Wick, has a new temptation for him.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 29: A Snail’s Pace

pinocchio chapter 29

Pinocchio returns to the Fairy’s house – a snail comes to open the door, but takes a very long time…

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Pinocchio, Chapter 28: The Green Fisherman

Pinocchio, chapter 28

Pinocchio swims out to sea and is caught by the Green Fisherman who plans to fry him for dinner.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 27: The Fight Among Boys

Pinocchio chapter 27

The great battle between Pinocchio and his playmates.

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