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Pinocchio Chapter 1: How it Happened

Mastro Cherry, carpenter and talking block of wood

How it happened that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood that wept and laughed like a child.

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Pinocchio Chapter 2: Geppetto and Master Cherry Fight

taling wood

Mastro Cherry gives the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto, who takes it to make himself a Marionette that will dance, fence, and turn somersaults

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Pinocchio Chapter 3: The first pranks

Pinocchio runs

As soon as he gets home, Geppetto fashions the Marionette and calls it Pinocchio. The first pranks of the Marionette.

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Pinocchio Chapter 4: The Talking Cricket


The story of Pinocchio and the Talking Cricket, in which one sees that bad children do not like to be corrected by those who know more than they do.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 5: The Omelet Flies Away

Omelet flies away

Pinocchio is hungry and looks for an egg to cook himself an omelet; but, to his surprise, the omelet flies out of the window.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 6: Pinocchio Burns His Feet

Pinocchio 6 thumb

Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on a foot warmer, and awakens the next day with his feet all burned off.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 7: Breakfast

pinocchio chapter 7

Geppetto returns home and gives his own breakfast to the Marionette

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Pinocchio, Chapter 8: The ABC Book

Pinocchio's ABC Book

Geppetto makes Pinocchio a new pair of feet, and sells his coat to buy him an A-B-C book

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Pinocchio, Chapter 9: Distracted on the Way to School

pinocchio chapter 9 thumb

Pinocchio sells his A-B-C book to pay his way into the Marionette Theater.

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Pinocchio, Chapter 10: The Puppet Theatre


The Marionettes recognize their brother Pinocchio, and greet him with loud cheers; but the Director, Fire Eater, happens along and poor Pinocchio almost loses his life.

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