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Wiz Oz Activity: Character Models

Wiz OZ Activity Character Models Dear Wiz OZ Listeners, This is a Wiz Oz making activity that involves you making the  main characters in the story of The Wizard of Oz.  You can also use the models for the future Wizard of Oz Activities on that are based on the chapters. You can can […]

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Wiz Oz Activity Yellow Brick Road & Journey Map

In this Wizard of Oz activity, you can make a Yellow Brick Road Journey Map. Dorothy must follow the road of Yellow Brick, if she is to meet to the Great Oz in the Emerald city. Your map can help her find the way. Points Along Yellow Brick Road Here are some reminders to help […]

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Wiz Oz Activity 3: Dorothy & Story Sharing

Story Sharing and Storytelling is an important part of life. Maybe you have shared a story with a special friend in special place? This Wiz Oz Activity may help you with your own storytelling. Background   The stories that the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow and The Cowardly Lion share with Little Dorothy pass the time […]

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Wizard of Oz Activity 6: How to find courage

Dorothy and the Lion

A Wizard of OZ Activity to help you find courage to achieve your wishes – like the Cowardly Lion

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Wiz Oz Activity 11: How Does Oz Appear to you?

Wiz oZ lovely Lady

Writing and Making Activities for Chapter 10 of the Wizard of Oz. Make up your own version of the chapter and create a Wizard of Oz orange head.

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Learning with Nursery Rhymes

By Eleanor Johnson, Early Years Teacher, Creator of StoryPhones Not Just a Nursery Rhyme! We all have memories of singing nursery rhymes. Our first experiences will probably have been with our family and then with our teacher at school or nursery. I grew up in the North East of England and was lucky enough […]

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Wiz Oz Activity 9: Saving Friend

Wise Owl

A writing activity to go with Chapter 9 of the Wizard of Oz

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Questions for the Samurai and the Tea Master

Read the following extract from the beginning of our story, The Samurai and the Tea Master. Answer the following Questions. Comprehension 1) What kind of person is a Samurai? 2) What do you understand by the phrase “distilled essence of violence” ? 3) What are the ways in which a tea master is similar and […]

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Poetry Activity: The Tyger

Tyger Tyger by Zaff In this activity you will form your own impression of the Tyger based on the poem by William Blake. You will then create an original piece of art work based on The Tyger. William Blake was not just a poet but an artist too. He used a technique known as engraving […]

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