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About Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser Editor Storynory

Brief biography of Storynory’s producer, Hugh Fraser

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New Site Design August 2014

Wow! Storynory looks completely different. The new design, as ever, has taken a huge amount of effort. We hope you will enjoy the benefits. features Responsive – which means that the layout adapts for mobile and tablet Easy to read – generous font size, maximum line length for stories is about 14 words Cute icons […]

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Benefits of audio books for children

Audio Book Thumb

Audio books are just as beneficial for students as printed ones – and have many advantages that are often overlooked.

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JK Rowling at Exeter College, Oxford

JK Rowling

JK Rowling at Exeter College spoke on Morality and Morality in Harry Potter but skipped the big God Question.

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Where do I start?

A guide for new-comers to our site.

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Books, Children & Men by Paul Hazard

Books, Children & Men, Paul Hazard is a manifesto for children’s books and for childhood itself. It is one of the most insightful tracts ever written on children’s literature. This is a brief review of the book.

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My Favourite Podcasts

A review of my five favourite podcasts – other than Storynory !

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The Real Pinocchio and the Disney Pinocchio

Why Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi is much more than the cute little boy-puppet depicted by Disney

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Storynory Audio Workshop Icarus

Icarus by Night

The Storynory Audio Workshop, Icarus was held on Wednesday the 5th, 2012 at the Cockpit Theatre, Marlyebone, London for children in the local area. Children learnt drama and storytelling skills for a rehearsed reading of the play Icarus based on the audio Story of The Boy Who Flew Too High on Storynory. In the final […]

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Happy Easter Activity: Easter Egg Making

Faberge Egg Painting

Dear Listeners, Happy Easter! I hope you had nice Easter day. There can be lots more Easter fun to come.. Why not tell us how you received your easter eggs? Did you have to search for them with a treasure hunt? Or were you given them in a special way? Maybe secretly the Easter Bunny […]

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