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Happy Easter Activity: Easter Egg Making

Faberge Egg Painting

Dear Listeners, Happy Easter! I hope you had nice Easter day. There can be lots more Easter fun to come.. Why not tell us how you received your easter eggs? Did you have to search for them with a treasure hunt? Or were you given them in a special way? Maybe secretly the Easter Bunny... Read more » Read More

Words for Life

We are really pleased to be part of the Words for Life Campaign, just launched by the National Literacy Trust. The campaign has commissioned research showing that a third of parents do not realise that they are the most important factor in their own children’s development of speech. Of course we believe that listening to... Read more » Read More


These twisters are linked to the stories on Storynory podcast. The following twisters practice the following: 1. Combined letter sounds in the words for clear speech i.e. W0 in the word won. 2. Syllable stress placement in the for variation in speech i.e emphasising different words. The combined letter sounds involve correct constant placement with... Read more » Read More

Dorothy the Friendly Witch- Chapter 3

It’s this chapter of Dorothy and The Wizard of OZ preceding The council With the Munchkins, where Dorothy is swept away by the Cyclone from her beautiful land in the region of the Kansas prairies, and finds herself in the land of The Munchkins. It is here she meets and saves the scarecrow with the... Read more » Read More