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The man who ate rabbits


There was an Old Person whose habbits, Induced him to feed upon Rabbits, When he’d eaten eighteen, He turned perfectly green, Upon which he relinquished those habbits. Limerick by Edward Lear (1812-1888) from his Book of Nonsense.

Sweet Joke


Boy: Hey Sister. Would you like a sweet? Sister: Thanks. That’s unusually nice of you. (Puts sweet in her mouth). It tastes good too. Boy: I’m really glad you like it. Next door’s cat didn’t like it much. She just spat it out.

Seven-Year Old At The Wheel


This report appeared on the Associated Press wire service – a warning to all parents not to encourage their childen to drive too early. “Eager to get his driver’s license, a 7-year-old boy put on his seat belt and remembered to use his turn signal as he took his parents’ pickup out for a spin, [...]

Ghost School


Enjoying the scary stories on Storynory? Well, one of Britain’s most haunted houses is setting up the first “ghost school”, aimed at giving people a chance to find out for themselves whether shosts are real or not. Muncaster Castle, an 800-year-old country estate in the scenic Lake District of northwest England has been chosen for [...]

Year of the Dog


According to the Chinese calander, this is the Year of the Dog. What does that mean? Well, children born this year will have dog-like characteristiics: they have a deep sense of loyalty and honesty, yet can also be stubborn and eccentic. Their friends will be people born inthe years of the Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit. [...]

The Real Lassie


Nobody should suggest that the Lassie stories are far-fetched. In Australia this week, a 13-month-old cattle dog caled “Lassie” helped to rescue its injured master after he fell from a horse in eastern Australia. George Crowther, a farmer from Queensland state, broke his pelvis when he was pitched from a bucking horse and his foot [...]

The Red Shoes


The beautiful ballerina Moira Shearer, who has died aged 80, was famous for her starring role in the 1949 film, “The Red Shoes.” This classic of British cinema had a contemporary setting, but it was, of course, based on the fairy story by Hans Christian Andersen. Hans Christian Anderson explained the inspiration to “The Red [...]

Joke with a sting


Here’s a joke with a bit of a string in its tail. Patient: Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I’m a mosquito Doctor: Buzz off, sucker!

Grandpa’s swing


Scientists in Finland have discovered that swings, slides,and round-abouts are good for old people as well as kids.  The experts believe that playgrounds help old people restore the balance and co-ordination. Bertie says, next time you go down to the playground, remember to bring along Grandpa.

Read about Storynory


It’s nice to see that Storynory has been mentioned in print a couple of times recently. You can read about Storynory in Publisher’s Weekly here. And Storynory is site of the week in School Library Journal.

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