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Dorothy the Friendly Witch- Chapter 3

It’s this chapter of Dorothy and The Wizard of OZ preceding The council With the Munchkins, where Dorothy is swept away by the Cyclone from her beautiful land in the region of the Kansas prairies, and finds herself in the land of The Munchkins. It is here she meets and saves the scarecrow with the... Read more » Read More

Wizard of Oz Review and Recording to come

Wizard of Oz Review and Recording to Come Chp 1. The Cyclone - This opening chapter Frank Baum in which we see the young Dorothy in her home setting in the ‘midst’ of the beautiful Kansas prairies on a farmhouse with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and funny little dog Toto, when they get... Read more » Read More

Little Red Riding Hood

Fairytale Alternative Ending Dear Listeners Little Red Riding Hood and many other fairytales have been told time and time again and this version by Charles Perrault is a timeless classic but we can find different ways of telling tales and finding alternate ends. Fairytales teach us lots of different morals and two popular fairytales on... Read more » Read More

Library Storytelling, Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood- A stand-up story telling adaptation of a traditional tale, rhythmic and inventive. Performed live for Young children, Parents & Families Storytelling — Libraries & Schools for more info: Read More

Natasha @ National Storytelling Conference

Dear Listeners You can now find me on the National Storytelling Conference Network directory listings under Natasha for more info. The NSC conference in California was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Organisational Storytelling for schools and community projects and build on my skills as a Storyteller. It was super to make friends with... Read more » Read More