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Happy New Year

Storynory New Year

Hello, Happy New Year to all Storynory Listeners past, present and future. I hope you enjoyed listening to all the stories on Storynory this year and enjoy many more to come in the New Year where ever you are in the world! From me Natasha Bye Bye N * Read More

Merry Christmas

Christmas Bells

        Hello, Merry Christmas! There are lots of stories to listen to on over the 12 days of Christmas. The story of A Christmas Carol; an adapted play from the Novel by Charles Dickens in three parts. Dickens was a  famous English writer and his characters are very memorable in this tale including Scrooge and the Ghost... Read more » Read More


These twisters are linked to the stories on Storynory podcast. The following twisters practice the following: 1. Combined letter sounds in the words for clear speech i.e. W0 in the word won. 2. Syllable stress placement in the for variation in speech i.e emphasising different words. The combined letter sounds involve correct constant placement with... Read more » Read More