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Story Museum Planned for Oxford

Some of the most famous authors are backing plans for a Story Museum in Oxford. The museum would celebrate the city’s links with Children’s literature, including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (which you can listen to on Storynory.) Philip Pullman, whose own Dark Materials books are based in Oxford, is among the patrons, along with Jacqueline […]

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Gladys Pics

Our story about a girl band is reaching its conclusion and we are really pleased that we’ve found an artist to illustrate the Gladys and the chiX series. Tania Fernandes is a very talented designer and artist (check out some of her cushions and tiles !) and her style is really original. If you are […]

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Audio for the deaf

We’ve been aware for some time of various groups of people who find our audio useful. For instance, schools that work with the blind are naturally drawn to Storynory. But only recently, I was contacted by a deaf user via our Facebook group. She tells me : “I found out about your site from other […]

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Persian (Farsi) and Turkish Translation

After some considerable time, we are restarting the news / blog section here on Storynory. Our first update is about our inline translation tool. We’ve just added two more languages that are much in demand, Turkish and Persian (Farsi). Just double click the page and you will be presented with a long list of languages. […]

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Manila Bulletin

Listening to Storynory in the Philippines

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Languages: Learn English with Stories

People from all over the world use Storynory to learn English. To help them, we offer an easy translation tool. Double-click a word on the page. A menu of languages will pop-up. Select your language . Now any word you double-click will give you a pop-up translation. The menu is quite long, and you may […]

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FAQ and Help Downloading Stories

Intro All our stories come with an HTML5 audio player that should work on mobiles, tablets and most desktop browsers in use today (see example above). Downloading on Android Press and hold the “Download” link on an Android phone or Tablet to get a variety of options. If you download our story it should appear […]

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In Seo From Korea

Download the audio In Seo from Korea has sent us both Birthday and New Year Greets. And Happy New Year to you In Seo ! And thanks for recommending Baba Yaga

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Happy Birthday Storynory

YOU tell us what your favourite stories have been over the first three years of Storynory – and We thank you for listening

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Isabelle’s Podcast

Isabelle aged four does a wonderful job of telling stories

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