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Text of A Christmas Carol by Dickens

A Ghost Story of Christmas by Charles Dickens First published on December 19, 1843 with illustrations by John Leech.

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Stories for which age group?

Hina M left a great suggestion in our feedback section, requesting that we give more guidance in our index about which stories suit certain age groups. First of all, I would like to give one tip – if you are looking for stories in clear and simple language, start first with our modern stories. They […]

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iTunes: Set Podcast Preferences

How to make iTunes download all episodes from a podcast, and keep all, most recent, or just the ones you’ve not listened to.

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Ricki Ticki Tavi Audio CD Widgets Ricki Ricki Tavi by Rudyard Kipling is a long standing favourite with visitors to storynory. It’s an exciting tale and there’s something very touching about the tale of the Mongose who defends a little boy. Of course not all our listeners have mp3 players, or are experts at burning audio to CDs. We’ve […]

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Sansa-Shaker MP3 Player for Kids

If you are looking for an MP3 player for kids – one with a built in speaker so they don’t have to listen through headphones – you might try the Sansa-Shaker. There’s an extensive review on Z-Recommends.  

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Roald Dahl’s Birthday

Interesting to see that Google is celebrating the birthday of the great children’s author, Roald Dahl. A recent survey found that he is still the most loved children’s author in Britain. Which perhaps goes to show that some of the over-protective writing of today (Dahl could never be accused of that) doesn’t quite hit the […]

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BOOK IT! Cheltenham Festival for Young People

How do you fancy discovering a few Mysteries of the Universe? Strangely enough, you may be able to discover a few of them in the English town of Cheltenham which is going to be playing host to a Children’s book festival called BOOK IT ! this October. The person to unravel the mysteries is George. […]

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Storynory Widget For Max OS

If you have a Mac, you’ll know all about widgets which you can keep in your dashboard – handy things like clocks and calenders. Well now you can have keep Storynory there too. Download our Storynory Widget for Mac, unzip it, and click to install. It’s in the form of a player for our latest […]

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Storynory SpringWidget

Get this widget! Unlike many sites, we possitively encourage you to publish our content on your own blog or website using one of several widgets that we provide. Here’s our latest from SpringWidgets. You can customise the colours and size and you can get it here.

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Back to School

School books weigh extra heavily in the satchel on the first day back after the Summer break. But not everyone has far to carry them. It’s back to school for home-schools too, you know ! This is from a delightful description of how one home school spends every day – not just term-time days. The […]

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