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Planet of the Pirates

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Astropup: Prisoner of the Cats

Dog Cat Thumb

Astropup is a prisoner of the cat-people pirates. They humiliate him and torture him with cat music. Then the cat space ship begins to take off ... can our hero and his friend the parrot escape? Read More

Astropup and the Good Cat

The Good Cat

The previous episode, Astropup and the planet of the pirates, ended with Astropup’s friend the Parrot being kidnapped by cat people. They ordered Astropup to hand over the diamond from HMS Hesperus. The Parrot screeched: “Don’t give them the diamond.” This has left our hero in something of a quandary. How will he solve the... Read more » Read More

Astropup and the Planet of the Pirates

Blue Planet

Astropup and his friend the Parrot have a huge diamond which they found in the Wreck of the Hesperus. Instead of returning it to Space Central on Earth, they are heading for the Planet of the Pirates where they intend to sell it and make their fortunes. Astropup and the Planet of the Pirates –... Read more » Read More