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Gladys and the chiX

Three sisters, Mandy, Laura and Sam set up a girl band. Their younger sister, Gladys, is not allowed in the band because she is to geeky – even though she is the one with the best the ideas.

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Gladys the Music Maker

The second part of the Gladys and the chiX – the girl band has some words for their first song, but no music. Laura says she has a friend in the music business who can help – but will he do all the work for the girls?

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Gladys and the Ghost-Girl

Gladys works hard behind the scenes to help the chiX – and she is always ready with good advice – but quite often people hardly seem to notice her. She starts to feel like a ghost girl.

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Gladys and the Big Gig

Girl Band, the chiX have a new manager who fixes up a big concert for them. The chiX start to find out that it’s a tough road to the top.

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The chiX Split

The Girl Band has to get up at 6am every morning to practice. They are becoming tiered and grumpy, and Laura has a new influence in her life. It’s becoming hard to hold the band together .

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Gladys and the Solo Sister

Gladys is quite enjoying life after the chiX have split up, but has one more try to persuade Laura to come back to the band so that they can continue their hard work to get to the top.

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Gladys and the chiX Reunited

Laura, the lead singer, has walked out, but she’s finding that her solo career is not going well. The chiX have entered for the first round of the Eurovision Song Contest, to see if they can be chosen to represent Britain. But can Gladys persuade Laura to rejoin the band?

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The chiX: First Round

The chiX perform in the first round of the Eurovision Song Contest and find out if they will represent Britain in the final in Istanbul

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Gladys and the Eurovision Song Contest

the chiX reach the Eurovision song contest : includes their song “Life is A Circus” – the climax of our story about a fictional girl band and their brainy younger sister, Gladys.

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Life is a Circus

A single song by the chiX our fictional girl band. This is the chiX first “Single” and their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest – Save it on your iPod – send it to all your friends !

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