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Christmas Carol: Joy to the World

Joy to the World at Christmas

Clap your hands to this upbeat Christmas carol from Storynory’s pop sensation, the one and only Gladys!

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Gladys’s Christmas Joy

Gladys Christmas

It’s Christmas. Gladys feels she is on the brink of success, but once again she finds herself working in the background to help others with little credit for herself.

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Song: Snap Me!

Gladys Jones Singer

Here’s the song that Gladys wrote about her first brush with fame.

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11 Gladys Alone: Snap Me!

Gladys on Venice Beach

Gladys has reached California.

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10 Gladys Alone: First Date

Gladys First Date

Gladys goes out to dinner with a famous film star, but she is determined that she is going to remain “Miss Sensible”.

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Song: In Real Life

Gladys Jones Singer

This song by Gladys is the title track to her new album, which is available in Spotify and iTunes.

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09 Gladys Alone: In Real Life

Gladys receives roses

Gladys writes her song “In Real Life” about her meeting with the film star, Darren Wolf. When she plays it live for the first time, someone special comes to hear it.

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Song: Are We There Yet?

Gladys Jones Singer

An upbeat song featuring “Lady Sat Nav”

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08 Gladys Alone: Are We There Yet?

Dud the Dude

Gladys is finding her manager, Dud, more and more frustrating.

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07 Gladys Alone: The Triumph

Gladys takes part in an audition for a TV talent contest and sings at a gig arranged by Dud, her new manager.

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