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Bertie’s Magic Pancakes

Pancakes Thumb

Shrove Tuesday has a special tradition at the Palace that dates back to the days of Bertie's true mother who is remembered for her magic pancake recipe. Read More

The Great Monkey Robbery

Monkey Money

A lively, funny, exciting - and (perhaps) a touch silly - story that stars Theo the Monkey who is the main suspect in a Great Train Robbery. Read More

Astropup the Hero

Astropup dog hero

Marlow - the man with a laser gun - tells the world how Astropup is a hero. The newly elected president, the Parrot, is less than amused to be sidelined. Read More

The Elfin Knight

Elfin Knight

A ghostly knight rides across a Scottish moore. Two brave Earls ignore warnings about him, and go hunting on the moore. Only one of them carries the sign of the Trinity. Read More

The Sprightly Tailor


A spooky, scary, and at the same time funny story from Scotland, about a taylor who has to sew some trews in the haunted ruins of an old church. Read More

Katie’s TV Magic

TV Magic-thumb

A TV programme offers to redecorate the house of Katie and her mum for free. Shumash - the estate agent whom Katie's mum likes is involved. What could possibly be wrong with that? Read More

2014 – Chinese Year of the Horse – The Horse that Ran Away

2014 Chinese New Year of the Horse

2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse - starting on January 31. Hope you all have a wonderful year ! This is a chinese tale about a man whose prize possession was his one and only horse. When it ran away, everyone thought he had suffered the most terrible bad luck - but he was wise and saw things differently. Read More