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The Good Turn

Gorilla Square

A boy of Zanzibar goes out hunting and does a good turn to an Ape, a Snake, and a Lion. Is it true that one good turn deserves another?

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Katie and the Other Witch Part Two

African Mask

Do you want to know the truth about the “other witch”, Agrippina Crompton? Do you think she is a fake? Find out in this second part of our exciting Katie story.

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Katie and the Other Witch Part One

The Other Witch

A new witch has set up a business in town. Katie and her mum suspect that she is a fake, but the rival is popular with the public.

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How to Out-Jeff Uncle Jeff

Jeff Jessic dog

Uncle Jeff has a new girlfriend – Jessica – can she be more irresponsible than he is?

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The Goat and his Master

Goat and Master

A goat tries to help his master, but the master does not know how to be polite to a goat!

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Three friends at school are bothered by two girls who play mean tricks on them. Should they retaliate or try to make peace?

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The Monkey and the Shark

Monkey shark

A clever monkey has a story that explains a story.

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The Goat and the Gold

The Goat and the Gold

Happy Year of the Goat ! One of our writing competition winners is a story about a clever goat and some stolen gold

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The Donkey and the Lion

Donkey and Lion Square

A donkey is dim enough to fall for the same trick twice.

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The Amazing Gazelle

The Amazing Gazelle Thumb

A story from Zanzibar about a clever gazelle who helps a beggar.

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