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Odin’s Eye

How the chief of the Norse gods gained True Wisdom and the terrible price he paid for it.

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Sif and her Golden Hair

Loki, god of fire and mischief, steals Sif’s beautiful golden hair. In doing so he enrages Sif’s powerful husband, Thor.

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Idun and her Golden Apples

In this Norse Story, we learn how the gods of Asgard are able to stay forever young.

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Sigurd and the Dragon

Prince Sigurd comes of age by fighting a dragon

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Download the audio, Right Click Save As We have already met the Norse hero, Sigurd . After killing a dragon, he rode his horse through a ring of fire to discover a sleeping princess – a Valkyrie or War Maiden. Her name was Brynhilde. He woke her with a kiss – but was it happily […]

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Thor’s Fishing Trip

Sea Monster

Thor, the Norse god of Thunder, goes on a fishing trip with a giant, and rows into the waters of the Midgard Serpent.

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Fenris the Wolf

Fenris the Wolf was so strong that he could bite through chains.

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The tragic, tale of how a favourite son of the gods was killed. This one is really sad.

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The Punishment of Loki

Loki, the Norse god of fire and tricks, is punished for his crime.

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Thor’s Wedding

Thor's Wedding

Thor the Thunder is often pictured carrying his hammer called Mjolnir, which he uses as a battle axe. In this Norse Myth, he has to dress up as a girl.

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