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New A Spooky Irish Story

Horned Woman by Lady Wilde

For Halloween, a spooky story from Ireland about some witches with horns growing from their heads.


Storynory's actors read myths, fairy tales, and original series.


Children's stories make the world a better place.

Halloween Writing Competition

Happy Halloween Write a spooky story and send it to by October 27. We will read out the best entry a send the author an amazing mp3 story telling device. The maximum number of words is 900. And the Grand Prize is an amazing kids' MP3 player, made in Italy, by our friends Ocarina. Read More here !

Kubla Khan

Kublai Khan

Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote this strange and powerful poem in 1797 after waking up from a dream.

Cinderella – Shorter Version

Cinderella Burne-Jones

Cinderella – a shorter and funnier version

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