Introducing Stories, Science & Secrets

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Stories science secrets podcast

This is Jana,

And I’m here to introduce you to some of our special friends… our fellow podcasters from here in Britain, and we’ve known them for ages. They have a cool name -Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple. And along with the comedian Steve Punt, they are the creators of a series about a dog called Rockford and a boy called Moog. You will hear musical stories, explore the environment and the whole issue of animals and plants that have become extinct. Their latest podcast is called Stories, Science and Secrets. Here’s the trailer..

If you subscribe to Stories, Science and Secrets, we know that you will learn so many interesting facts and have a lot of fun with it! We’ll be back soon with one of our stories.
Take care, from me, Jana at Storynory.com.
Bye bye for now!
Stories science secrets podcast