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Original Stories


AstropupAstropup was an unwilling passenger on a space rocket. Now he travels the Universe with a brilliant Parrot who is a Major in the Space Force.

Bertie Stories

Prince Bertie Bertie is a very modern Prince, engaged to Princess Beatrice. He would like to be a secret agent, but muddles through life using his charm and terrible jokes. Oh yes, one little thing - he spent 8 years living as a frog on the pond.


Gladys has three sisters who are in a girl band called the chiX. But Gladys isn't in the band because she's too young, and she's "too geeky." But it's Gladys who is the brains behind the band.

Jack And The Pirate School

jack and the piratesJack's dad sends him to sailing school, but due to a mix-up, he ends up on board the floating Pirate School of Captain Blackheart.


Not all Bertie's stories work their way up into series. Sometimes he feels inspired to write a story for Natasha that stands on its own. There are our one-offs.

Rockford's Rock Opera

rockfordFar away in the sea of Tranquillity is the island of Infinity, home to the last one of every extinct animal species. Here beneath a magical swirling sky live the world’s lost creatures.

Tick Tock Turkey

tick tock turkeyThe adventures of a scruffy time-travelling turkey who lives on Egg Island with his best friend Future Dog. He is a gobbling, greedy bird, and often travels in time to satisfy his stomach.


Storynory publishes the occasional slide show or animation. We also sift through YouTube for its hidden gems for children.

Waking Beauty

awaking beautyThe mysterious Princess Talia has woken up to find herself as a student in an Oxford College. She is beautiful, but strange, and finds it hard to fit into "modern life."

Wicked Uncle

red sports carUncle Jeff is not really wicked - but Mum and Dad think he is irresponsible.
These stories are inspired by our friends at Wicked Uncle.

Zoo Stories

TheoTheo the Monkey begins as a chocolate-thieving bandit but learns to appreciate right from wrong, and from then on he is fighting for Justice.