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Tick Tock Turkey

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Tick Tock Turkey and the Festival of Honolulu

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Tick Tock Turkey fans have been begging us for more tails of the time-travelling bird. In fact, they’ve been begging us for YEARS ! We are pleased to say that Tick Tock’s creator, Michael Brett has penned another story for us (with a little help from Natasha). And here it is… As you may recall,... Read more » Read More

Tick Tock Turkey and the Endless Pudding

Like many blobs, Blobert is quite hard to see because he is often just to the left of himself. His is a fabulous cook. His latest creation is a Very Filling Pudding, but it's not quite filling enough to satisfy a gobbling Turkey. Read More

Tick Tock Turkey and the Chocolate Tree

Egg Island is fortunate enough to have the world’s only Chocolate Tree. It’s made out of solid chocolate, with hot chocolate sauce in its centre - and there's a scruffy bird who has his greedy eyes on it. Read More

Tick Tock Turkey and the Mysterious Egg

We return to Egg Island to answer the age-old question: which came first, the turkey or the egg? Future Dog and Jen Penguin solve the case of the mysterious egg, while Tick Tock Turkey goes in search of sea worms for his Lunchfast. Read More