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We hope that you will enjoy and our audio, but you should be aware that most of the materials on this site are protected by copyright, and that by using our site and our audio, you are agreeing to abide by our terms.

First of all, a note to online reviewers of Storynory. You are safe using the Bertie the Frog image for a review of Storynory (subject to conditions below) and you can find him here. Most of the other images on this site are licensed by us from Clipart. com and we cannot pass on rights .

Also, podcasters and broadcasters please note, we do make provisions for reviewers to use our audio, which you can see below.

For the legal details, please read on….

Copyright on this site falls into at least four categories:

  1. Out of Copyright Texts The texts of many of our stories are out of copyright. Broadly speaking, this means that the author died more than 70 years ago.
  2. Our Copyrighted Properties The rights to many of the materials on this site belong to Storynory’s owners, Blog Relations Ltd. These include the audio presentations, as well as many other materials on this site.
  3. Third Parties’ Copyrighted Property Most of the pictures on this site are licenced from third parties, and you should be aware that they are protected by the copyright policy of those suppliers.
  4. Author Copyright The rights to our new stories remain with the author, but are produced here with permission

We draw your attention to certain materials that are the property of Storynory and its owners, Blog Relations Ltd, but in doing so, we do NOT imply that we are describing the full extent of our copyrighted property on this site.

Please note, all permissions that we grant here are subject to our “General” provision at the foot of this page.

Prince Bertie the Frog

Bertie the frogPrince Bertie the Frog, his character, his image, and the stories about him and his friends, are the copyrighted property of Storynory and its owners Blog Relations Limited. His picture – Frog with an iPod – is our copyrighted property. All rights are reserved, although we permit the following uses:

You MAY download Bertie’s image and use him for your own personal non-commercial enjoyment at home or at school.

You MAY reproduce Bertie’s image for purposes of Review , PROVIDED you make clear attribution to and that the context is appropriate and will not offend children, and that you do NOT imply any association with our products, services, materials, or brands.

Any commercial use of Bertie’s image or character or stories is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, unless you have our written licence granted specifically to you or your company.

Our Audio

The audio on this site is the copyrighted property of Storynory’s owners Blog Relations Ltd and all rights are reserved, however we permit the following:

You MAY, of course, download our audio and copy it for your own personal, non-commercial use and enjoyment, and that of your family and friends, provided that you do not remove any of the attribution or copyright notices.

You MAY play our audio to audiences inside individual kindergartens, schools, educational establishments, hospitals, private parties, libraries, and gatherings organised by children’s charities, provided that you do NOT transmit or broadcast it in a way that can be received more generally, and that you do NOT edit it or remove any attribution to

You MAY transmit or broadcast our audio promotion/trailer (here) PROVIDED that it is in a context that will not be offensive to children, and that you do not remove any attribution to

In addition to our trailer, you MAY transmit or broadcast ONE segment of our audio of up to three mintues in duration for the purposes of Review, PROVIDED that you clearly attribute the audio to

Any commercial use of our audio is STRICTLY PROHIBITED without our written licence granted specifically to you or your company.

You may NOT use our materials including our audio in a way that suggests an association with any of our products, services, or brands

Before you use our audio in any way not permitted here, you MUST have our written licence: Email See our contact page for further details.

Website design

The design of is the copyrighted property of Blog Relations Limited. All rights are reserved.


All the permissions granted on this page are of a temporary nature, and we reserve the right to withdraw them at any time, either in specific instances, or generally. We also reserve the right to require you to cease and desist using our materials if we consider your use to be inappropriate or not consistent with our policies, notwithstanding any of the permissions we have granted here.

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