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The Monkey Who Loved Chocolate

When Theo the monkey tastes chocolate for the first time, he goes crazy for it. He breaks out of the zoo and goes on smash and grab raids across the town. Will there be any chocolate left for Easter?

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The Zoo That Bit Back

The animals at the zoo live a life of luxury until a new head-keeper is appointed. The monkeys must give up their TV, and the Lion has to stay awake in visiting hours. They plot revenge.

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The Thieving Monkey

Theo is a good monkey really. He’s not nearly so bad as people make out. But when a new keeper is put in charge of the monkey cage, he chooses Theo to help him out with a crime.

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The Missing Bunny

A chocolaty mystery story for Easter. The police investigate the kidnapping of a very important missing person.

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The Vigilante Monkey

Theo the Monkey is outraged by the criminal behaviour of his zoo keeper, Mr. Grabber, and decides to fight for what is right

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The Monkey Who Saved The Match

Theo Monkey Football

Theo is BACK. A fun footballing story starring our Crime Fighting Ape, Theo the Monkey. Could it be that City FC’s matches are being fixed ?

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The Great Monkey Robbery

Monkey Money

A lively, funny, exciting – and (perhaps) a touch silly – story that stars Theo the Monkey who is the main suspect in a Great Train Robbery.

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Sifu Meets The Monkey

Monkey Branch

The return of Theo, the crime-fighting monkey, in which he meets a Kung Fu master.

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Sifu and the Legend of the Monkey King

Monkey King

The second part of our series about Sifu and Theo the Monkey. Theo fails to turn up for his first Kung Fu lesson, and Sifu tells Neet the chinese legend that inspired him to take up Kung Fu.

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Theo and the Monkey Cops

Monkey Cop

We learn why Theo the Crime Fighting Monkey failed to show up for his first kung fu lesson

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