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The Emperor’s New Clothes

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The Emperor\'s New ClothesThe Emperor is enormously vain and likes nothing better than to show off his clothes. Two weavers comes to his court saying that they makes clothes that are like no others – anyone who is simple in the head, or unfit for his job, will not be able to see them.

All the courtiers say that the clothes are quite magnificent, and the Emperor plans to wear his new suit for the procession through the centre of the city.

The moral of this story rings so very true! What we are doing is totally absurd, but we can’t stop because everybody else seems to believe that it’s the right thing to do. Yet they can probably see it’s just as ridiculous as we can.

The little boy who literally sees through the Emperor’s New Clothes only appears for a moment, and yet he is one of the greatest heroes of all fairy tales – for he speaks the truth that nobody else dares to speak.

Proofread by Claire Deakin.
Read by Natasha. Duration 18 min.

Many years ago, there was an emperor, who was so excessively fond of new clothes, that he spent all his money on the finest suits.

He did not trouble himself in the least about his soldiers; nor did he care to go to the theatre or out hunting, except when there was a chance to show off his new clothes.

He had a different suit for each hour of the day. Just as you might say of any other king or emperor, “He is sitting in his council,” people used to say of him, “He is sitting in his wardrobe.”

Time passed merrily in the large town which was his capital; strangers arrived every day at the court. One day, two rogues, calling themselves weavers, came to the court. They said that they knew how to weave clothes of the most beautiful colours and elaborate patterns. The clothes made from their cloths were like no others, for they were invisible to everyone who was either unfit for their job, or extremely simple in the head.

“These must, indeed, be splendid clothes!” Thought the emperor. “Had I such a suit, I might at once find out what men in my empire are unfit for their jobs, and also be able to tell the wise from the foolish! This stuff must be woven for me immediately.”

He ordered large sums of money to be given to both the weavers so that they might begin their work. So the two false weavers set up two looms, and pretended to work very busily, though in reality they did nothing at all. They asked for the most delicate silk and the purest gold thread; put both into their own knapsacks, and then continued their pretend work at the empty looms until late at night.

“I should like to know how the weavers are getting on with my cloth,” said the emperor to himself, after some little time had gone by. He was, however, rather embarrassed, when he remembered that a simpleton, or someone unfit for his office, would be unable to see the results of their work. To be sure, he himself would not have any trouble seeing the clothes, but yet, thought it would be better to send somebody else to report on the weavers and their work.

All the people throughout the city had heard of the wonderful cloth; and all were anxious to earn how wise, or how ignorant, their neighbours might prove to be.

“I will send my faithful old minister to the weavers,” said the emperor at last, after some thought “he will be best able to see how the cloth looks; for he is a man of sense, and no one can be more suitable for his office than he is.”

So the faithful old minister went into the hall, where the knaves were working with all their might, at their empty looms. “What can be the meaning of this?” Thought the old man, opening his eyes very wide. “I cannot see the least bit of thread on the looms.” However, he did not speak his thoughts aloud.

The tricksters asked him very politely to be so good as to come nearer their looms; and then asked him whether the design pleased him, and whether the colours were not very beautiful – at the same time pointing to the empty frames. The poor old minister looked and looked, he could not see anything on the looms, for a very good reason: There was nothing there.

“What!” Thought he again. “Is it possible that I am a simpleton? I have never thought so myself; and no one must know it now if I am so. Can it be, that I am unfit for my office? No, that must not be said either. I will never confess that I could not see the stuff.”

“Well, Sir Minister!” said one of the knaves, still pretending to work. “You do not say whether the stuff pleases you.”

“Oh, it is excellent!” Replied the old minister, looking at the loom through his spectacles. “This pattern, and the colours, yes, I will tell the emperor without delay. How very beautiful I think them.”

“We shall be much obliged to you,” said the impostors, and then they named the different colours and described the pattern of the pretend stuff. The old minister listened attentively to their words, in order that he might repeat them to the emperor; and then the knaves asked for more silk and gold, saying that it was necessary to complete what they had begun. However, they put all that was given them into their knapsacks and continued to work with as much pretend effort as before at their empty looms.

The emperor now sent another officer of his court to see how the men were getting on, and to find out whether the cloth would soon be ready. It was just the same with this gentleman as with the minister; he looked at the looms on all sides, but could see nothing at all but the empty frames.

“Does not the stuff appear as beautiful to you, as it did to my lord the minister?” Asked the impostors of the emperor’s second ambassador; at the same time making the same gestures as before, and talking of the design and colours which were not there.

“I certainly am not stupid!” Thought the messenger. “It must be, that I am not fit for my good, well-paid job! That is very odd; however, no one shall know anything about it.” Therefore he praised the stuff he could not see, and declared that he was delighted with both colours and patterns. “Indeed, please your Imperial Majesty,” said he to the emperor when he returned, “the cloth which the weavers are preparing is extraordinarily magnificent.”

The whole city was talking of the splendid cloth which the emperor had ordered to be woven at his own expense.

Now the emperor for himself wished to see the costly manufacture, while it was still in the loom. Accompanied by a select number of officers of the court, among whom were the two honest men who had already admired the cloth, he went to the crafty impostors, who, as soon as they knew the emperor was on his way, went on working more hard than ever; although they still did not pass a single thread through the looms.

“Is not the work absolutely magnificent?” Said the two officers of the crown, who already who had been before. “If Your Majesty will only be pleased to look at it! What a splendid design! What glorious colours!” At the same time they pointed to the empty frames; for they imagined that everyone else could see this exquisite piece of workmanship.

“How is this?” Said the emperor to himself. “I can see nothing! This is indeed a terrible affair! Am I a simpleton, or am I unfit to be an emperor? That would be the worst thing that could happen” – ”Oh! The cloth is charming,” said he, aloud. “It has my complete approval.” He smiled most graciously, and looked closely at the empty looms; for on no account would he say that he could not see what two of the officers of his court had praised so much.

All his retinue now strained their eyes, hoping to discover something on the looms, but they could see no more than the others; nevertheless, they all exclaimed, “Oh, how beautiful!” And advised his majesty to have some new clothes made from this splendid material, for the public procession which was due to take place soon.

“Magnificent! Charming! Excellent!” Everyone said on all sides; and everyone was uncommonly cheerful. The emperor shared in the general satisfaction; and presented the impostors with the riband of an order of knighthood, to be worn in their button-holes, and the title of “Gentlemen Weavers.”

The rogues sat up the whole of the night before the day on which the procession was to take place, and had sixteen lights burning so that everyone might see how anxious they were to finish the emperor’s new suit. They pretended to roll the cloth off the looms; cut the air with their scissors, and sewed with needles without any thread in them. “See!” Cried they, at last. “The emperor’s new clothes are ready!”

Now the emperor, with all the grandees of his court, came to the weavers; and the rogues raised their arms, as if holding something up, saying, “Here are Your Majesty’s trousers! Here is the scarf! Here is the cloak! The whole suit is as light as a cobweb; one might fancy one has nothing at all on, when one is dressed in it. That, however, is the great virtue of this delicate cloth.”

“Yes indeed!” Said all the courtiers, although not one of them could see anything of this exquisite manufacture.

“If Your Imperial Majesty will be graciously pleased to take off your clothes, we will fit on the new suit, in front of the looking glass.”

The emperor was accordingly undressed, and the rogues pretended to array him in his new suit; the emperor turning round, from side to side, looking in the glass.

“How splendid His Majesty looks in his new clothes, and how well they fit!” Everyone cried out. “What a design! What colours! These are indeed royal robes!”

“The canopy which is to be carried over Your Majesty, in the procession, is waiting,” announced the chief master of the ceremonies.

“I am quite ready,” answered the emperor. “Do my new clothes fit well?” Asked he, turning himself round again before the looking glass, in order that he might appear to be examining his handsome suit.

The lords of the bedchamber, who were to carry His Majesty’s train felt about on the ground, as if they were lifting up the ends of the robes, and pretended to be carrying something; for they would by no means let anyone see that they were simple or unfit for their jobs.

So now the emperor walked under his high canopy in the midst of the procession, through the streets of his capital. All the people standing by, and those at the windows, cried out, “Oh! How beautiful are our emperor’s clothes! What a magnificent train there is to the robes and how gracefully the scarf hangs!” In short, no one would allow that he could not see these much admired clothes – because, in doing so, he would have declared himself either a simpleton or unfit for his job. Certainly, none of the emperor’s various suits had ever made so great an impression as these invisible ones.

“But the emperor has nothing at all on!” Said a little child.

“Listen to the voice of innocence!” Exclaimed his father; and what the child had said was whispered from one to another.

“But he has nothing at all on!” At last cried out all the people. The emperor was suddenly embarrassed, for he knew that the people were right; but he thought the procession must go on now! And the lords of the bedchamber took greater pains than ever, to appear holding up the robes although, in reality, there were no robes at all.

And that’s the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.

Bertie says that in real life, people are often more silly in a crowd than they are on their own. If you think that everybody else believes something, then it must be true – and you have to be very brave to be like the little boy in the story and stand up and say what can see with your own eyes.

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175 Responses to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

  • elane says:

    This is so unbelievable story, I felt bad for the emperor going out in front of his kingdom and felt embarrassed.

  • anna says:

    this book is hularius

  • ELLA says:


  • emanuel says:


  • emanuel says:

    good story

  • domonique says:

    The emperors new clothes is one of my favirite stories. But this is wayyyyy toooo long.

  • cathy says:

    great story. Here we have an entire village of simple people, including their ruler. The little fellow was the only one who saw the reality. Children have a way of seeing things honestly.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:


  • desmarie says:

    Heloo fellow classmates. I found the emperior’s story to be very interesting. I know people who think like the emperior in real life. A lot of people think clothes make the man, however, it doesn’t. The emperior got trapped in his own game, he got taken for a ride because the makers of the suit were imposteriors. At church there is this lady who trys to outdress everyone at church. But the truth be told she is just wasting her time, because, she doesn’t have any morals. Again i say clotyhes doesn’t make the man.

  • Donna says:

    The Emperor’s New Clothes is a wonderful story to read. It made me think about how a rumor can get passed around and every one believes what he/she has heard, not what was seen. The people that the Emperor trusted lied to him. Eventhough they knew that they did not see any clothes being made, they went along with the lie. With friends like these, you don’t need any enemies. He paid these people top dollar to make him new clothes and the only thing he received in return was lies. The people took his money and his most honest friends would not even tell him the truth that he was being taken advantage of. What a shame but, sometimes you have to step up and do the right thing even when every one else hanging on to doing wrong. It is a shame that out of all of the people, it took a child to tell the truth. So the saying that train a child the right way, and he won’t depart holds a lot of ground in this story. If it was not for the child speaking up saying, the Emperor has nothing on at all, everyone else would have went right along with the lie of how lovely the material is and how beautiful he looks in his fake clothes.

  • Cleo Emma Ricki says:

    Birtie can you post the lion the witch and wardrobe or send me a link to one

  • usman says:

    i enjoyed with my son askar ali who is very much impressed by the story thank you for your story telling methodology

  • Cupcake says:

    That was a great story. I believe it will be a great lesson to everyone . Clothes don’t make who you are.

  • Ewan Sumpter says:

    One day I want to be filthy rich! :) :0 :0

  • Ella says:

    This story also says that the king had fashion in art.

  • Ella says:

    I love the story now days thats how people are about the clothes that they wear. Their appearences has to be different from other people.

  • AMITA says:

    I found the story almost similiar to now,mostly everyone dresses like every body else,nervous of being different theres nothing like being true to oneself

  • ……. that in real life, people are often more silly in a crowd than they are on their own. If you think that everybody else believes something, then it must be true – and you have to be very brave to be like the little boy in the story and stand up and say what can see with your own eyes. Lying is transparent and invisible accept to the child who knows from what he is taught and this like a child, we must be in the system even in the crowd.Stephen.Student.

  • natali says:

    funny story its halarious

  • ty says:

    cool story

  • Astro says:

    I will stand up

  • Devan says:

    The story was a great story. I believe it would be a great lesson to all. Your clothes don’t make who you are.

  • maggie says:

    that story rocked but i am so sorry because these comments are really hurtful

  • tatiana says:

    how do you spreak in different voses.

  • tatiana says:

    huw do you spreak in different voses.

  • Anonymous says:

    i like the story i love it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>………………..

  • Kiahnna says:

    Yes, I liked the story, i felt the kings fashion. He love the art of clothing. Though to people in his land felt he was a bit silly.
    great story and tha fish killed the scene when he stated he was a enchanted fish prince.

  • Crystal says:

    I thought the story was very interesting. The last paragraph is so very true in today world that in a crowd of people they do believe alot of times what they here instead of seeing the truth.

  • Felicia says:

    I enjoyed the story. I have never heard of this story before, so this is to be different and i had learned something from this story. And I can see how we all can interpret or assume things to be true when we hear others agree to something without knowing the honest truth for self.

  • Lisa says:

    Long story but very interesting. Made you compare to modern living and the way the society is today.

  • Anonymous says:

    cute but short story took me back to the days of reading to my kids

  • Lina says:

    Loved It So B****ing

  • Lina says:

    Cool chizzle

  • George says:

    Amazing that a story that is just 6 and a half pages is considered “too long.”

  • piece of poo says:


  • Tamala says:

    A fool and his money will soon part. Man makes the clothes, the clothes don’t make the man. A child shall lead them. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think that you’re a fool rather than walking around naked and prove it. Did I leave anything out? Cool story though.

  • Pilgyone says:

    Even though we found the story long, we liked the expression Natasha used, and we love the story and its message.

  • Eva says:

    I find this story to be true for alot of the people in this world. People just don’t wanna seem different or be dumb so they go along with what others say is true instead of standing alone and saying what they believe.

  • aaaa says:

    do you like iti d not

  • bob says:


  • T'F ILookl Like ? says:

    Ughhh , Too Long !

  • Anonymous says:

    ths story is cool

  • anonymous says:

    i like the story because i had to preform it at my school the only thing that could be better is if its shorter……!!!!!! also try acting it out on a stage a bunch of lights shining in your face uhhh….but its fun….!!!!?????

  • suck says:

    I HATE this Story

  • jackson says:

    cool story

  • HAhahaha HAhahaha he is a fail at this BOO need a beter story!!

  • curtis says:

    what a silly trick!

  • hodge says:

    I love all of your stories

  • demi lopez says:

    this story is so long but still i love it

  • selena gomez says:

    i was readong this story to jazmyn .justin had to babysit but instead i did

  • Mala says:

    I wan a story which is short and simple. Gets bored as too long.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is not nice as it is too long.

  • Imma Martian says:


  • 123456123 says:

    Cool story. also a good moral to it.I would like to read it again.


  • Jatoria says:

    I enjoyed the storied and the message that came from the story. Everyone should go with there own mind, thoughts, and eye. Never go with hear say if you can see it for yourself.

  • tiwan says:

    Wow,that was a good story… And it was to long! All do respect Anderson!

  • Mike says:

    This is Obama, Bush, Hillary, Nancy P., Reagan and others who pretend. I am that little boy or a boy like him. They all pretend to help our nation but look at it. It’s became worse not better. They all have made themselves rich at our expense. Listen to Ron Paul. He makes sense. Another facade is Nasa. The expense is not worth the gain. There is little gain.

  • Kimberly says:

    I have encountered this problem many times before in the workplace, people continuing mistakes or procedures that were not a good idea before, all for the sake of not rocking the boat. As anyone who worked with or for me, I would of told the king that he was in his “birthday suit”.

  • myrtie says:

    This was a great story. Everyone can lern even from a child, who brought out the truth of the whole story. it was funny I enjoyed it and the moral to the story is telling the truth, because the od minister went first, then the other officer and last the emperor himself went and all of them say the same thing, untiel the child spoke the truth

  • tanya says:

    luv it

  • Patrice says:

    I liked the story!!
    My theme:
    Fooling others would not make a person better but would make him to look bad to the person that surrounds him.

  • Sara says:

    I think is ironic how everyone followed in suit because no one wanted to look bad they all agreed on his new clothes although there were none there just because they didnt want to be looked at less.

  • Bowen says:

    Yes! I liked it when the emperor finally knew he was naked!!!

  • NivaCoara says:

    Hi Guys, tell me please, I am now in America, and my parents are in Warsaw how to help them so talk to me cheap? I found just such a an article, maybe someone tried a similar service, or heard of him? Tell me please is it real?

  • ANGELA says:

    THIS STORY IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon says:

    I think this story tells us to think for ourselfs and not follow what everyone else is saying. Use what you see and not what everyone else does.

  • kelly says:

    This was a great story

  • rallou says:

    excellent…it has been great help

  • Katie says:

    I love this story!!! Very good story line. Although what is this story susposed to teach us?

  • Jennifer says:

    I loved it .

  • Jennifer says:

    This story is long.

  • Dorothy says:

    This is an excellent story. Only the young boy was able to reveal the truth. The emperor and other adults were lost in their own beliefs thinking they would appear stupid. In real life sometimes we get lost and can’t see the forest for the trees!

  • cathy says:

    I would rather read a story than listen to a story. Less interruptions. More concentration.

  • cathy says:

    “Out of the mouth of babes”. The younger you are the less likely you are to keep your thoughts to yourself, afraid of the consequences. We can learn alot from people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth. Sometimes, it is easier not to follow the crowd than it is to follow the crowd and be a fool.

  • belite says:

    this story is very true you should listen to what your eyes and body are telling you

  • zynth says:

    Our teacher in English at school loves reading any kind of stories which contains a lesson and among them is this story which she liked most.And she retell the stories she had read to us and to her nieces.. She use this story as our assignment.we will play a play

  • stephanie says:

    It is very true that many people would not be brave enough to tel the truth, especially when it comes to someone of great power. It is also a very good point that children are the exception to this rule and are for the most point honest and call things like they see them.

  • charles says:

    It definitely could apply to those who are afraid to speak up! Leave it to a child to speak the truth!!

  • donperenyon says:

    where to find Harry Potter 7

  • Shiphrah says:

    I feel some sort of truth in this story. The story is an awesome-o story anyway.

  • Bertie says:

    Bertie @

  • LorencoRot says:

    I need to contact site admin urgently. Can you understand me?
    Hih you hear me??

  • Shiphrah says:

    I loved it and I will read this story to myself someday. I will read this story to my little sister. I know what you are thinking and it is true, i am a kid.

  • Shiphrah says:

    I think everyone should read this story because it is funny and silly at the same time. Not only that but it also has truth in it and tells children not to laugh at a person. It is an awesome story.

  • shiphrah says:

    Thank you Natasha for reading this great story to me.

  • shiphrah says:

    That was a great story. ,<3 my email is

  • shiphrah says:

    This is not a fairy tale. This story has a big moral, which is to not worry about what other people say.

  • Lawrence says:

    It was an amazing story!

    thank you Natasha

  • london says:

    I think that the story was great. Something I would read to my children. What makes it so funny, everyone that admitted to actually seeing and approving the clothes were the simpletons and unfit for there jobs. The little boy said what everyone else was thinking and saying to themselves. This maybe a fairy tale story but there is a lot of truth within it. People haven’t changed that much from then to now, still gullible and followers. Instead of speaking the truth about what wasn’t there, the Emperor ended up looking like the main one that was simple minded and unfit.

  • Lashaunda says:

    I feel like it not the clothes that you wear it’s how you carry yourself

  • Sherry says:

    I believe that the story The Emperors New Clothes isn’t a fairy tale. If you relate it to the people in todays world. To many people now a days just agree with others, because they are afraid to stand up and speak what the truth really is. You should not worry what other people think all the time.

  • whats up says:

    i mean it it is really funny mwah mwah mwah cough cough i do not have any voice

  • whats up says:

    ha ha its really funny ha ha ha ha

  • cynthia says:

    it was relly funny

  • Stephanie says:

    Great story…. my son loved it! :)

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Tracey, you are right, there is a lot of truth in The Emperor’s Clothes

  • Tracey says:

    The story shows how easily people believe things that aren’t true.

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  • Fairygurl says:

    Nice story…..have got questions in a quiz regarding this story (^_^)

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Colin, I can only respond when I am logged in. There is a new story every week, usually on Sunday.

  • colin says:

    Please make another story!
    p.s.please respond very very very quickly!

  • nixza says:

    cool and funny he must have been dumb

  • Emily says:

    I agree with Katlyn i think that you should read stone soup, it is a great classic i remember when i was a child and i’m sure my daughter would love to hear it. And that other one she suggested would be nice of course :)

  • mackenzie says:

    i like you

  • mackenzie says:

    you rock

  • hannah says:

    you rock at reading!!

  • Katlyn says:

    I hate how people say stupid things on comment boxes. The story was wonderful and funny and thats the end of it. It is a fairy tale not a modern day attempt at one. It was good and i thank you Natasha for reading all these stories so, so many people can enjoy them. They help me sleep at night. Hahahaha. Thanks again.

    P.S. although there are many delightful story two of my favorites are not on here and i was wondering if maybe you could put them on. I bet many others would appreciate them as well. Their Stone Soup and In the days of King Adobe. :)

  • Bertie says:

    Dear human being , The Emperor’s New Clothes does have a theme. It may seem silly that nobody would point out that the King is naked, but often in real life people with power do stupid things and nobody dares point it out. A common place where this happens is at work. And in fact, people start to believe something just because everybody else does, even if the evidence of their own eyes points to something different.

  • pinkydinky06 says:

    The lady who reads this has an awsome acscent!!

    God blesses all of you : )

  • A human being says:

    This story is qite boring I mean really why would you be so stupid to go outside naked?..! I mean like HELLO!! And whats the point of the story there is no important theme to this!!


  • jassy says:

    it was great i loved it and in the end the king didn’t know that he was wearing clothes.

  • aMALIA says:

    lOVE IT

  • Nadine Koh says:

    I love this story because this story is very funny.In the End the king did not know that he was wearing no cloths.

  • kelly says:

    The emper shouldid of belived thefoxes

  • sophie says:

    i loved this story i thinks hans cristern addersons is a great author i have got all his storys on dvds i like stsrys with a message ands htids is on off them .thanks for makingg this website!.!im 10 two!

  • sara says:

    i liked the story and it is a bit longer than the story the town musicians but i think there’s a little bit of stupidity because if the faithful
    old minister could not see it but atleast he could touch it and feel it.I’m 10 yr’s old perhaps it seem’s stupidity to me but to yonger kids please’s urgent bertie.

  • dahlila says:

    i though it was dumb!

  • sally may says:

    this is very funny and my friends

    and I love this one

    P.S. the eperor is naked! yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate says:

    this story is very funny,my
    son loves this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pravini says:

    I read the eporors new close

  • lulu says:


  • lulu says:

    ryan is right i want funnier stories

  • lulu says:

    I heart it!

  • ryan says:

    BOOO!!!!! i want funnyer and shorter stories

  • Ashley 3C says:

    I really love this story! I’ve never heard a story before!

  • E 66sd says:

    it is very good

  • Dena says:

    Thank you Natasha for a wonderful story

  • Evie says:

    I liked this story because it was funny when the Emperor whet out with no clothes and it was embrassing for the Emperor.

  • Y1G says:

    The kids love it


  • imya says:

    The story is to old

    But I like it

  • Bertie says:

    Dear Hasfa I see what you mean about the Emperor going out without any clothes, but in the story he is meant to be ridiculous rather than disgusting. The only person who was brave enough to point out that he was being ridiculous was the little boy in the story.

  • Bertie says:

    Hasfa, The idea behind the story is that emperor was ridiculous rather than disgusting.

  • hafsa says:

    berite can you answer my question?i am tottally wating for your reaspond.

  • hafsa says:

    why did the empror where envisble clothes? wasn’t that discusting?i dint like the story that much because it was discusting.

  • Anonymous says:

    very beautiful old story
    i enjoyed alot
    i am learning english and i use your story for improving my listening
    very nice
    god bless you

  • Adam says:

    At the start it was ok but I think it was too long.

  • Anonymous says:

    In the middel it was ok .”big inprifment”.

  • Abbie3g says:

    I loved this story because The vain Emperor acted very silly.

  • tabea says:

    i like the part when the fish said i am a enchanted fish prince.

  • lolo says:

    cute one i love it i ll tell it to my pupils

  • julia says:

    this story is a funny I like it can you put more stories on your website please!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Fin and Lib says:

    Why are the stories too long?

  • Anonymous says:

    why is the stories too long

  • hansel says:

    that was a very nice story

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    I like this story.It is funny.
    I listen to the whole story.

  • Maxine says:

    I like this story.It is funny.

  • Bertie says:

    Hi Lily

    Which words do you mean?

    Sorry, I’m not always here to reply instantly – but do my best to get back people.

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    Thanks ME ! Spelling is corrected

  • mel says:

    Tiny spelling correction… in the first sentence, “The Emperor is enormously VEIN” should be VAIN.

    Thanks for these stories!

  • Lucy says:

    I ‘ve got the book and it’s great to listen to the story , now. Thanks a lot, Natasha!

  • Azzy says:

    nice story.

  • adem says:

    really thanks. you remind me the charming story. how a seplendid. also we should give our respect to Andersen.

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