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Gabriella Burnel – Singer-Song-Writer

Gabriella and the Planets

If you love Gladys’s music you are in fact a fan of Gabriella – though perhaps you didn’t realise it! Gabby writes the music and sings for our Gladys series, and can be heard in seasonal numbers such as Don’t Be Scared of Halloween and our Christmas carols such as The Angel Gabriel.

This is what Gabby says about herself:

Gabriella feels like she is from a distant universe so sometimes finds it hard in this world, but the one thing that comes naturally to her is singing. She has been writing songs since she was 18 and singing since she can remember. After attending Oxford University and graduating with a degree in the magical language of Sanskrit she has been doing stand up comedy, organising events, writing and producing comedy musicals, writing songs and performing with the band Gabriella and The Planets, as well as writing personalised songs for

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