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Our Own Story

Here’s a little video we made a while back .

Who founded Storynory?

Storynory was founded by Hugh Fraser and Matthew Lynn. Hugh and Matthew knew each other (slightly) at Oxford University in the 1980s where they both worked on Isis, the student magazine.

In 1995 Hugh and Matthew founded a company called Blog Relations to help businesses in the emerging area of social media. Over lunch they discussed branching out into their own publishing business. Podcasts were very new and interesting at that time and Hugh had a background in radio. Matthew said that his children listened to audio in the car. Storynory was born.

How did Storynory become popular?

We were lucky that iTunes featured us in their Kids and Family podcast section. We also used some of the skills we had developed with Blog Relations to interest the social media crowd. Media coverage followed including an article in the Wall Street Journal, a mention on the BBC World Service, and an article on the front page of a newspaper in South Korea. Word of mouth followed and Google started to rank us in some key searches.

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