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The Guest of Robin Hood

Robin Hood was the politest robber in all history. He liked to entertain his victims at his table in Green Wood. In the first of our series, his guest is a sad knight who has fallen on hard times.

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The Sheriff Who Came to Dinner with Robin Hood

Little John is Robin Hood’s most trusted outlaw. He wins an archery contest and the Sheriff of Nottingham employs him in his service. Little John swears to be the worst servant he ever did have.

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Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Maid Marian is traveling through Sherwood Forest with her family. They are robbed on the way. Later, Marian runs away from home to the woods where she meets – and fights – Robin Hood.

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The Golden Arrow

Robin Hood takes part in an archery contest organised by the Sheriff of Nottingham. He should know that it is a trap, but he cannot resist the idea of accepting a golden arrow from the hands of his enemy,

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How King Richard Met Robin Hood

King Richard is coming to the aid of the Sheriff of Nottingham and intends to capture Robin Hood and the errant knight who has been helping Robin.

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