The Wicked Uncle’s Surprise

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Here is the second winning entry in our writing competition sponsored by Wicked Uncle, the amazing online toy and gift shop. In this story, Anika casts Uncle Jeff in hero mode but there is a surprise in store for him.


This is Richard,

And I’m here with a short but very sweet winning story in our Wicked Uncle story writing competition. This is what Anika wrote to us.

Dear Storynory,

All I have ever wanted was to win a writing competition. I try very hard every year and I really think that this is my year. I am seven. I really want to win. You would be making my dream come true. But I know that you must pick the best story so, hopefully yours Anika.

'The Wicked Uncle's Surprise' by Anika Parr, aged 7.

Read by Richard.

Proofread by Jana Elizabeth.


One day, Uncle Jeff was walking down the street and his phone rang. ‘Ring ring’. “Ugggh.. All I wanted was to take a nice peaceful walk for my birthday.” But he picked up any way. “Jeff we need your help! The kids went missing! Help! Help!”

“Oh no!” he thought. Where could they have gone? “Jeff can you find them?” she said. “Yes yes,” he said. “I will.”

“Oh, I can't thank you enough!” “Any time,” he said. And he was off. “Hey I know! I'll call Jemima’s phone!” So he did. After about three rings, she picked up. “Hello?” he said. “Help!!!”

“Where are you?” he said. “Someone took us! The license plate was 10-334-666.”

“Oh I know who owns that car. I'll go find them,” said Jeff. Mr Parr was the guy who owned the car. “I'll go to his house and beat him up,” thought Jeff.

Once he arrived at the household, he broke the door and charged inside.

“Give me my kids back!” he bellowed! “Wait. There's no one here.”

He walked down the empty halls and went into a big dark room. When he turned the lights on, he heard: “Surprise! Happy birthday Uncle Jeff,” the kids all screamed!

Then he realised they had tricked him and then he had a very happy birthday.

And that was The Wicked Uncle’s Surprise by Anika Parr . Thank you very much Anika, that really is a lovely short story. I very much enjoyed reading it. By the way, you were the youngest entrant in our competition. It goes to show that what Bertie always says is true, if at first you don’t succeed, try try and try again.

I’ll be back soon with some more entries in our Wicked Uncle Writing competition. Sponsored by wickeduncle.co.uk, the super fun online toy store.

For now, from me, Richard.