A Journey To Lapland

This is one of several lively stories by Ella-Rose, aged 7. By coincidence the heroine is also called Ella-Rose and is 7 years old. Ella-Rose (the author) originally pasted it into a comment form saying: " I could tell 50 stories if I want and they’d be better than Bertie's." Well Bertie doesn't mind you saying that (not too much, anyway) because he likes your stories.


ElvesOnce there were two girls named Ella-Rose (for short we’ll call her Ella and she’s 7) and Freya, who’s only 3. By now it was Christmas, Ella and Freya rushed down the stairs and instead of presents, they found a note and Freya just said “What does it say?”

“It says” said Ella “that if we go outside we’ll find SANTA’S SLEIGH!!!”

“Why” asked Freya

“Because” said Ella, getting very excited “we’ve been the best children this year!” and they whizzed outside like a flash of lightening.

When they saw the sleigh, they noticed that there were presents with their names on! Ella said to Freya “I know the special words that make children fly on the sleigh!”

Then Ella shouted these words at the reindeer: “Giddy up reindeer, up, up, up. giddy, giddy, giddy, giddy, giddy, giddy up, up, up!” Suddenly, the reindeer started to fly! On and on they flew until they arrived at the north pole…

“HO HO HO!” said a gruff, jolly voice. Ella and Freya looked up to see, a man, all dressed in red with white trimmings, a white beard and hair.

“Who do you think that is?” Ella asked.

“SANTA CLAUSE!” answered Freya.

“Yes!” said Ella.

“Wouldn’t you like to come in my workshop?” asked Santa

“YES PLEASE!!!” answered Ella and Freya together. So of they went. Santa even asked Ella to make some toys and give a hand to the elves and even be in charge of the elves! “What about me?” asked Freya thinking she had to sit down and watch.

“You” said Santa with a smile, “can stop the baby elves from being naughty so if one of them are naughty ring this bell” and as he said it, he passed a small bell to Freya.

When it was break time for the big elves and Ella, Ella felt very proud of herself because she had made: 6 toy dolls, 3 toy trains, 8 rocking horses and 2 dolly dresses and since it was midnight after break time she had to help load the toys into the sleigh. Ella had the job where when nattily, without looking and not very carefully, put a huge sack of toys on the sleigh over and over again whilst Ella had to put the mini sacks into the giant sack! (I wonder how she did that!) Freya was having lots of fun too! And she even had a new friend, her name was Rolip. They were playing happily together until a 4 year old baby bully came up to Rolip and said:


Freya was very worried about her friend when she remembered the bell so she said to the bully “Stay away from her or I’ll ring this bell!”

“WHAT!” laughed the bully “What’s that bell going to do you big baby!”

“Just watch” said Freya angrily. She rang the bell, Santa came running down the hall “Who is being naughty, Freya?” He asked. “HIM!” shouted Freya pointing at the bully “He is trying to separate me and Rolip because he only wants Rolip to like HIM!” Santa walked over to the bully and cried

“If I told you once I told you 1,000 times, don’t hurt other people OR elves!” And he sent him into the cage where naughty little elves go and he gave 1 meddle each to Rolip and of course, Freya.

Ella wasn’t the only person having trouble, 1 of the elves wanted to steel her favourite present from Santa. THE SIVER ROCKING HORSE!!! Santa hadn’t given HER anything to tell him an elf was being naughty! But luckily she knew where Santa was so, holding onto the information where he was, she ran down the hall way and ended up in the room where Santa keeps all the toys that the elves broke or the ones that the children wouldn’t like . Ella explained to Santa that an elf (who’s name was Boomper) was trying to steel her silver rocking horse. Santa went up to the elf and shouted “GO AND FACE THE WALL IN THE STABLE!!!” and the elf did. So Ella gave Santa a huge hug and then it was time to leave.

Ella and Freya had earned a golden trophy to take: it was full of toys! And Santa even gave them two rocking horses linked together! On the way home this time, Santa came with them for the sleigh ride. Santa did know they had a puppy named Missy so he gave Ella three bags of doggy treats and Freya four bags of brand new toys and they were all for Missy! (Well puppies are children dogs so why can’t they get presents?)

When they got home their parents said, “Where have you been?”

“To Santa’s workshop” replied Ella and Freya together.

“WOW!” cried their parents together so they all shared and unwrapped the presents and the trophy whilst Ella and Freya said thank you to Santa and the elves (except the bullies!).