Coin Trick Review

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Kokopelli and Cassidy

This special episode is a review of a new podcast called Coin Trick which we know you are going to love.

You'll hear Jana's thoughts on Coin Trick, and Bertie's interview with the stories creator, Susan Hanson, and with Shelley Morningsong who plays the atmospheric and delightful Native American flute for the series.

The makers of Coin Trick have kindly sponsored this episode of Storynory (for which we are really grateful) - but this is also a meeting of minds. Coin Trick has a lot in common with Storynory - and we think you will love it as much as we do.

Coin Trick is an audio fantasy adventure that mixes up the modern world with the ancient gods and characters of Native American legends. 12-year-old Cassidy stands up to a school bully. In return, for her help, the victim gives her a coin bearing the face of the Native American god, Kokopelli. She finds the coin oddly fascinating.

Later, a bicycle accident sends her through a rock wall and into the land of Tapuat. Here she meets Kokopelli - or Koko - who turns out to be a wise, fun-loving, flute-playing trickster. Although Koko is a Native American god, he has a very modern, upbeat kind of feel to him.

Cassidy soon discovers that if she is to return home, she must restore balance to the land of Tapuat. So Koko and Cassidy set out on an adventure that brings them up against monsters such as Rolling Head, Thunderbird, and an army of frog people. And we know how much you love monsters!

Coin Trick is a polished and professional production, directed by Jeff Braswell, whose background is in theatre. It is narrated in the husky and whispery tones of Michael Horse, of Twin Peaks fame.

The feisty part of Cassidy is played by nineteen-year-old Eliza Julius and her mentor, Koko, by Aaren Herron. They quickly strike up a friendship. Koko guides Cassidy through the magical land of Tapuat, dispelling wisdom along the way through his tricks and jokes.

The acting and the soundtrack are rich and wonderful - and in particular, we love the flute playing of Shelley Morningsong.

Our own writer, Bertie, has been chatting with Coin Trick’s creator, Susan Hanson, who has spent much of her career as a travel writer. He also spoke to the flute player, Shelley.

We Know that listeners of Storyory will also love Coin Trick, so hop over to Cointrick.net or subscribe to their podcast in your favourite podcast app.