Fly, Fly, Fly! Little Birdy

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Fly Birdie cover by Jacob MonroeFly, Fly, Fly! Little Birdy!

By Jacob Monroe
Dedicated to Sophia
Illustrated by Aleksandra Bobrek
Read by Jana
With music by Bertie

The Book of this lovely verse is available on Amazon.

Birdie hatches from egg

Today is Birdy’s birthday
Just hatched from her egg
Her eyes will want to open
As she tries to move her legs

She sees the world around her
With trees and bees and plants
She looks around and looks right up
And sees her happy parents.
Birdy’s one month olds now
Can move and see just fine
She’s even asked her parents
Can you teach me how to fly?
She tries and tries and tries some more
It’s harder than it seems
And when she thinks she’s tried too hard
She’s flying with her wings!
She flies up high above the park
Far away from where she’s from
She sees new things she’s never seen
What fun this has become!
Flying further than she planned
She comes across new things
They’re big and small and oddly shaped
And most do not have wings!
Quite some time along the way
Birdy makes new friends
They fly with her and run along
And search for hidden gems.
When Birdy wants to fly some more
Her friends lay down to rest
They say goodbye and sing a song
And wish her all the best!
Moving fast and flying high
The bird has seen it all
Volcanoes, trees and lovely friends
Birdie over Montreal
A place called Montreal.
A pretty world to live in
For Birdy to explore
But just one thing was on her mind
She hadn’t thought of before
She left her home in such a rush
She did not say goodbye
She turns around to fly straight home
Before she starts to cry.
But wait a minute, wait right there
I think I know this place
That tower and that boat
That green statue with the face!
She flies up high to look around
And searches for her nest
She sees the trees and bees again
And flies her very best!
She finds her tree and looks to see
Her parents’ happy smile
She hugs them big and tells her tale
As they listen all the while …

And you have been listening to Fly, Fly, Fly! Little Birdy! Written by Jacob Monroe - and Dedicated to Sophia - with the message, Don’t forget to stop by the nest every once in a while.

The book of Fly, Fly, Fly! Little Birdy! is available on Amazon with beautiful illustrations of Birdy’s travels by Aleksandra Bobrek. The guitar music was played by Bertie and the words were read by me, Jana, for Storynory.com. We hope you love this story in verse as much as we do, For now from me Jana Fly Fly Fly!

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