The Goat and his Master

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Goat and Master

Here is a very sweet story by our listener, Navya Khurana, sent in for our Year of the Goat writing competition. It has a moral - if someone is helping you, be polite to them!

Story by Navya Khurana.

Read by Natasha.

Proofread by Jana Elizabeth.

The Goat and his Master - By Navya Khurana

There was a goat in Mercer. He had a kind owner, who grew him with love. One day, the goat thought: "My master has taken good care of me. I owe him." So he went to his master and said: “Go to a rich merchant and tell him that your goat can pull a hundred carts. Make a bet of a hundred gold coins.” And his master thought he was dreaming. But still he went to the merchant and did the wager.

And as the carts were loaded, the owner got greedy thoughts in his head: "With the money I get I’ll buy more goats. Then I’ll do more bets. Then I’ll be the richest man in town!" With such greedy thoughts, he said: “Move, you rascal! Move!”

And the goat thought: “He calls me rascal! I won’t move!” So the goat stayed there.

“Why is my goat not moving?” His owner thought.

“Sir! You’ve lost a 100 gold coins!" the merchant said.

The goat’s owner left home sadly. But the goat didn’t give up.

He went to his master and said: "All ain’t lost. Go to the merchant again.

Make a bet of 200 gold coins this time. But remember, don’t call me a rascal again!”

The owner of the goat did so. And so it was a 200 gold coin bet.

This time, the master said: "Now my fine fellow!! Move the carts along." And the goat did.

The owner got 200 coins and he went home as a happier, wiser and richer man.

- Thank you Navya for that very sweet story which goes to show that it pays to be polite to a goat. In fact if you want somebody to help you, you should be nice to them.

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