Halloween Writing Competition!

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This is Jana, and I have a question for you. Can you dream up a spooky story for Halloween? I’m thinking Witches, ghosts and ghouls, or just mysterious happenings. Of course, you can !

Halloween is on the way, so hurry up and get writing! Send us your spooky story by midnight London Time on October 20,2023. That’s October 20, 2023. Send your Story to me, jana at Storynory.com, -that’ J-A-N-A @storynory.com and if you like, include a picture for your story too.

We’ll read out the best story in time for Halloween. Feel free to suggest some spooky sound effects! You can even record and send us your own sound effects, like RAAAAAA!

And to make this extra interesting, we are running the competition in conjunction with our Friends Ocarina Player, from Italy, and Bloom La radio des enfants in France, so there will also be stories in French and Italian.

So what are you waiting for? Put down all your scariest, spookiest ideas in writing and send them to [email protected].