Harry and Rosie Take A Train

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Train Station In this story of two contemporary children, Harry and Rosie are travelling by rail to the English seaside. On board the train, their parents fall asleep. Harry and Rosie go in search of a snack and find an adventure. On the way they confront grumpy buffet attendants and railway officials.

Read by Natasha. Duration 12.30

Harry & Rosie Take A Train:

Hi everybody, my name is Natasha and his Royal Highness Prince Bertie the Frog has commanded me to read Harry & Rosie Take a Train.

Just recently I was taking a walk down by the pond, when I heard Tim the Tadpole asking Bertie the Frog whether he'd ever been on a Royal Train...back was he was a Prince.

"Ha," said Colin the Carp, who is a very grumpy fish. "Bertie can't even catch a fly. I don't suppose he could catch a train."

"I could, I could," huffed Bertie crossly. "But, well...since you mention it, I do know a story about some children who missed a train."

And since he caught sight of me, Bertie asked if I could tell all the pond life the storynory of Harry and Rosie Take a Train.

And so, if you are sitting comfortably, I'll begin.

It was half-term,and Harry and Rosie had the week off school.

Their Mum and Dad had booked a holiday cottage for them, down in Cornwall, which in case you don't happen to know is in the far west of England. Its very nice, with lots of hills, and coastline, and there used to be lots of pirates there in the olden days, so Harry and Rosie were really, really excited. Rosie planned to build the biggest sandcastle ever. And Harry thought he might join a pirate ship if he could find one - and had been practicing going swish, swish with his sword just in case.

When the day arrived, the all went to the station, and waited for the train that would take them to Cornwall.

"I really like Cornwall," said Rosie, as the family had a cup of tea and some sandwiches in the cafe.

And Harry laughed and laughed. "We're not in Cornwall, yet, stupid," he screeched. "This is just Paddington station."

Rosie started to cry.

"Being horrid," she scremed.

"Not," snapped Harry.

"Are," wailed Rosie.

"Now, now," said Dad, looking up from his newspaper. "The holiday hasn't even started yet. Let's save the arguments for day two at least."

Quite soon afterwards, they train was ready, and they all settled into their seats, and the train started its long journey towards Cornwall. They played some card games, and twenty questions, and I-Spy, and after a while they were all having a snooze.

Harry was just in the middle of a brilliant dream in which he became a ferocious pirate captain with his own ship, when he could feel something tugging at his sleeve.

"What is it," he said opening his eyes.

"I'm hungry," said Rosie.

"Funny," said Harry. "Now you come to mention it, I'm a bit peckish as well."

They looked out of the window, and could see the countryside streaming past. Mum and Dad were fast asleep, and they were getting hungrier, and hungrier...and HUNGRIER.

"Come on," said Rosie. "Let's see if there's a buffet car on this train."

Harry looked a bit nervous. He wasn't sure that they should leave Mum and Dad. But they both had four pounds in pocket money saved up, and he was definitely peckish....and anyway, it would be quite exciting to explore the train.

Harry and Rosie started to walk along the train. It was very fast and a bit wobbly when they went through the carriages, and they went through one, two then three differentdoors. Rosie loved pressing the buttons and making the doors open and close, and Harry had to hurry her along.

Eventually, the reached the buffet car. "We'd like a snack, please," said Rosie, looking up. "We're really hungry."

The buffet lady looked around. "What's that noise," she said.

"It's us," said Harry, tugging her sleeve.

"What do you want then," she said, looking down.

"A snack!" squealed Rosie.

"Well, we're closed," said the lady. "Until lunchtime. If you come back in an hour we can give you an executive traveler lunch box, but until then nothing."

"But we're hungry now," squealed Rosie.

"Well, that's just bad luck," said the lady, slamming the door shut. "You should have had some more breakfast."

Both Harry and Rsoie felt a bit sad. "Maybe we better go back to mum and dad," said Harry.

"No, look," said Rosie excitedly. "A station..."

And sure enough the train was pulling in a station. And right there in front of them on the platform was a big sign saying "Snack Shop".

"I know what we can do," said Rosie. "We can hop of the train, buy some chocolate bars, some crisps, some chews and some fizzy lemonade, and then get back on board again."

"I don't know," said Harry cautiously. "I mean, what if..."

"Oh, come on, Harry," said Rosie, tugging at his sleeve.

The door was already open, and several people were getting down their suitcases and climbing off the train.

"Quick, quick," said Rosie, slipping underneath a suitcase, and jumping down onto the platform.

The snack bar was just a few feet away. There were lots of people on the platform, and it was very noisy, but they managed to push their way up to the counter.

"I'd like six packets of crisps, and eight choco bars, and twenty-two packet of chewy sweets, some fizzy lemonade, and...and....and....a pink princess magazine," said Rosie.

"And I'll have the same," said Harry. "Except, er, only I don't want the stupid magazine."

"What flavour crisps," said the lady behind the counter.

"All the flavours you have," said Harry.

The woman started to count out the order, gather everything they had asked for and putting it into a bag. It seemed like an awful lots of crisps to Harry, but that was okay, because they were his favorite thing. "Shall we get something for Mum and Dad?" said Harry.

"Some low-fat, organic choco bars for my mum, please," said Rosie, to the lady. "And another five packets of crisps for Dad."

"That will be twenty-two pounds fifty-three pence," said the lady, handing across a big bag of snacks.

Harry and Rosie started to count their money.

"I've got four pounds," said Harry.

"And I've got four pounds," said Rosie. "So that makes nine pounds."

"Eight pounds, stupid," said Harry.

He started to search around in his pocket, but could only find half a football sticker and an old boiled sweet.

And Rosie searched around in her pockets but could only find a small toy kitten, and a shell she'd collected from the beach.

"Well, if you haven't got enough money, you'll just have to buy a bit less stuff," said the lady.

"But I want everything," wailed Rosie. "I'm really hungry, and really starving."

"And really stupid as well if you think you can buy all that for eight pounds.

Rosie cried and cried.

"Come on, Rosie," said Harry. "We better put something back."

So Rosie and Harry took out some packets of crisps, and some choco bards and some chewy sweets, and handed the bag back to the lady.

"That will be twelve pounds and ten pence," said the lady.

Rosie screamed and stamped her foot. "You're being horrid to me...." she screamed.

Just then, Harry heard the whistle blow. He looked around, and he could see doors being slamed shut on the train.

"Quick Rosie," said Harry, tugging at his sister's arm. "The train is going to go."

But Rosie was trying to figure out which of two choco bars she could buy and still bring the total down to only eight pounds. "There's no time," shouted Harry.

He took the bag, gave the money to the lady, and started to run. Rosie ran after him.

But it was too late.

The train had already left the station.

"Oh no," cried Harry.

"Oh no," cried Rosie.

They sat down on a bench.

"We'll never see Mum and Dad again," said Harry.

And Rosie started to cry.

And cry.

And cry.

Just then the station master stopped by. "What's the matter with you children?" he said.

Rosie was so upset she couldn't say anything.

"We've missed the train, and our parents are on it," said Harry. "We just hopped off to get some snacks and...and...and...."

"That's very stupid," said the station master.

"Can you stop the train?" asked Harry hopefully.

The station master rolled his eyes. "Stop the train, that's a good one," he said. "I can't go around stopping trains because a couple of kids want to get back on. I've got a customer satisfaction performance target to meet young man."

"But I'm a customer," said Harry. "And I'd be more satisfied if I got back to my mum and dad."

"You're a trouble-maker you are, lad," growled the station-master.

Just then, Harry could see the train slowing down, and then coming to a halt. Just one last carriage was next to the end of the platform. "Quick Rosie, run," shouted Harry.

[ Rose gave the station master a quick kick in the shins. "You're a horrid man," she squealed.

Then she ran after Harry. ]

Harry grabbed hold of the door, and managed to open it. He pulled Rosie up behind him, then hopped on board.

Harry and Rosie walked back down the carriages, and when they got back to Mum and Dad they were just waking up from their nap. A voice over the loud speaker on the platform was apologizing for the delay, due to a railway signal that was not working. That was why the train had stopped. Dad tapped his watch and looked grumpy.

"Where have you kids been?" asked Mum.

"Oh, er, just getting some snacks," said Harry casually.

"Funny," said Mum. "I thought the buffet car wasn't open until lunchtime."

Harry and Rosie didn't say anything.

They just shared out the snacks.

"I could use a coffee," said Dad, looking at Harry and Rosie. "Here's some money. Why don't you kids go back to the buffet car and get me one....and get some biscuits for yourself."

Harry yawned. "Actually, Dad, I'm a bit sleepy," he said.

"Me sleepy too," said Rosie.

"That's odd," said Dad. "I've never know those children turn down a snack before."

And that was the storynory of Harry and Rosie Take a Train.

Make sure you never get off a train without your Mum or Dad.

I'll be back soon with more storynories. And don't forget, you can read all the stories at www.storynory.com.

From me, Natasha, bye, bye....