Jeremy Strong Interview

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jeremy_strong.JPG Streaker is a mixed-up kind of dog. You can see from her thin body and powerful legs that she’s got a lot of greyhound in her, along with quite a bit of Ferrari and a large chunk of whirlwind.
From the 100 Mile An Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong.

In this Storynory Extra, Natasha visits Reigate Priory Junior School in the south east of England to meet a genius at making children laugh, the best selling author, Jeremy Strong. Jeremy's most famous book is the delightful and hilarious One Hundred Mile An Hour Dog. His latest is called Beware Killer Tomatoes. Jeremy held 600 children spellbound with his stories about writing, and his reading which is almost as speedy as Streaker the dog. Afterwards he chatted to Natasha in the Bookworms shop, just across the road from the school. And of course, Natasha reads from some of Jeremy's funniest books.

With Natasha. Duration 16 Minutes.