Dear Listeners

I've really enjoyed the recent audio recordings for Storynory.com including Wordsworth's Poem

' I wandered Lonely as a Cloud' a lovely poem for Spring with the splendid Daffodils here in England, as well as the s'Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the adventurous journey Dorothy and her friends make a long the Yellow brick road to meet the Great Oz. More of these chapters to come as well as more poetry in our Classic's section. As well as the 'Samurai and The Tea Master' a far eastern tale from Japan for those interested in stories from the far east.

Three very different audio recordings from three different countries, England, Japan and America. I'm pleased that we can have such varying stories on Storynory.com that tell of their culture, heritage and history and we hope to embrace more of these sorts of stories for all out international listeners in the future.

Thank you for all your comments so far, please do keep them coming in response to all our audio stories published. Ill try my very best to respond to as many as possibly. With the educational work were now developing, were particularly like to hear of comments in response to your thoughts on the themes and idea's of the stories. So don't forget to keep listening and ill get back to you soon.


and Bye Bye