Solveig’s Song

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Solveig Night

We hope that you enjoyed our Peer Gynt series based on Norway's most famous fairy tale.

Jana sings the haunting song of the heroine, Solveig, who keeps Peer's soul safe in her heart. It's based on the original music by Grieg, who wrote the music to go with Ibsen's dramatic about Peer Gynt.

You can hear the more operatic and original version here.

Our own version is sung by our own Jana.
Guitar and music production is by Bertie.

The winter may pass and the spring disappear
The spring disappear
The summer too will vanish and so to the year
And so to the year!
this I know for certain: you'll come back again
You'll come back again
Even as I promised you'll find me waiting then
You'll find me waiting then.

God help you when wand'ring your way all alone
Your way all alone
God grant to you his strength as you'll kneel at his throne
Kneel at his throne

If you are in heaven now waiting for me
In heaven for me
We shall meet again love and never parted be
Never parted be..