Swan Song

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Swan Lake Moonlit

We recorded this song specially for our story of Swan Lake.

Song sung and arranged by Gabriella Burnel.
Song recorded and produced by Auburn Jam
Lyrics by Bertie.

And the picture, commissioned by Storynory, is by Sophie Green.

The original tune comes from the lake scene in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. It's a little "popped up" for our song, but we think it's rather thrilling ! and we hope you do too.


Falls upon the secret lake
I wake
More woman than a swan

Dance upon my pointed toes
I pose
More woman than a swan

This lake of tears
Sees me lift my chin
Sees me stretch my wing
Knows the hopes I cling

These slender reeds
See me twirl around
See me stroke the ground
See me fly unbound

Chance upon my lonely lake
You take
The arrow from my heart

Dance upon the moonlit stream
We seem
Quite destined for this part

This dawn of hope
Sees us form a pair
Sees us tour the air
Sees us bound to share

These skies of fire
See you lift me high
See us soar and fly

See us turn into one
At light I’m gone
Back to a swan
woman no more

Magician condition enchanted
Only love that is loyal can grant it

Romantic quite frantic I sigh
For love that is sudden can lie;

Can lie, can sigh, can die.

Falls upon the secret lake

Woman than a
Woman than a