Teeth in Stomach

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[iframe width="480" height="480" src="//storynory.com/jigsaw/lobster.html"] Listen to the audio and guess which creature has teeth in its stomach - or perhaps you know ! Then do the online jigsaw puzzle. This is a mobile friendly jigsaw, so you can do it on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone etc.

The Riddle was written for Storynory by Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore and Read by Natasha. The jigsaw was created by Bertie.

My teeth are in my stomach
my goodness fancy that
so do be careful, won’t you?
or my tum will eat your hat.

I could be white or yellow
I’ve cousins who are blue
but put me in the cooking pot
and I’ll turn red for you.

I’ve loads of legs, 5 pairs of them,
a runner I’ll never be
my claws could pinch you very hard
at the bottom of the sea.

My shell is like a hard tough rind,
inside, I’m soft you know
I have to take it off, alas
there is no room to grow.

I change it sometimes when I’m big
more often when I’m small
I want to live for 50 years
and reach 3 long feet tall

Now child, you have listened
just tell me, what’s my name.
If you don’t know, don’t worry
I’ll tell you all the same!