The bump in the rug

This is a poem sent to us by Aline and written by her mother, Anne-Marie. Bertie really liked it, and wants to share it with you.

I walked into the living room
And much to my surprise
There’s a bump in the rug
Oh my, Oh my!

It is rolling and wriggling and moves from
Side to side Oh what could it be?
I think I'll run and hide.

But no, I must be brave
I will not run away
This bump in the rug will not chase me away

I go get a broom
To poke it just to see
The bump lets out a gurgle
Then moves towards me

The bump has reached my feet
I am frozen in one place
Suddenly I can feel something tugging on my shoelace.

I crouch down very quietly
To have a little peek
I finally have the courage to go ahead and speak.

“Are you a monster?”

The bump does not answer

But grows bigger and bigger
Until al last……………


We laugh and we giggle
And both crawl under and hide
Suddenly we hear footsteps
And mom lets out a cry.

There’s a bump in my rug!
Oh my, Oh my!