The Monkey’s Laughing Place

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Laughing MonkeyThe Monkeys Laughing Place

Read by Jana.
Written by Bertie from traditional sources.
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Bonus: Madame Jeek by Richard Tai - From our Writing Competition.

This is Jana and I’m dropping by with another one of our popular Monkey stories..

Once upon a time, ages ago, a man was very annoyed with a monkey. The monkey lived in a tree at the end of his garden. He used to play his guitar late at night and hold parties with the other monkeys. But the noise prevented the man and his children from falling asleep, and as they all had to get up early for work and school, they were constantly yawning. So one Sunday Afternoon, the man decided to set a trap for the monkey. It was a clever snare that involved a rope, a stone, and a trigger, and it was all fastened to a bendy branch of the tree in which the monkey lived.

On Monday morning, when the monkey was not feeling his best, he accidentally put one foot in the noose of the rope and stepped on the twig that was the trigger. The trap was sprung, and the monkey shot high up into the air! He found himself upside down dangling with one foot caught tight in the rope.

Now the jungle is a very gossipy place, and word soon got round that the monkey had been tricked and trapped.

Soon the bear came lumbering along and gazed up at the monkey. “Serves you right!” he growled, “You stole my honey!”

“Ha! HA!” laughed the monkey.

Then the Jackal sloped up to the tree and snarled at the monkey: “Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you. You threw a stick at me, and while I was fetching it, you stole all my food!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” laughed back the monkey, “that was a clever trick!”

The Heron flew past and said: “That monkey pulled faces and made me laugh, so that I dropped the fish I had in my mouth.”

“Tee He HE HE!” called back the monkey.

The crocodile crawled out of the river, especially to see the monkey. He had been furious with him for ages. He said accusingly,

“When I was snoozing on the bank of the river, that monkey stuck a stick in my open mouth so that I couldn’t close it.”

“Ah HA HA!” screeched the monkey hysterically.

Then the Tiger bounded up and roared: “Hey Mr Monkey why are you laughing so much! Don’t you know you’re done for now? I’ll climb up and eat you before the man catches you!”

“Ha Ha Ha HA!” laughed the monkey at the top of his voice

“I don’t see the joke. Did I say something witty?” asked the Tiger.

“He he he”

And then the bear said to the tiger, “You never made a witty remark in your entire life. But this Monkey thinks everything is funny, even his own downfall.”

“Ooooh ha! Ha!”

The crocodile snapped: “I’d like to see him smile on the other side of his face.”


And the heron said, “There’s something really fishy going on here.”

“He he he he he he, that’s a good one!”

And the Tiger Roared, “Tell me monkey, before I eat you up, what in the world is so funny?”

“Well,” cried the monkey, “when I want to giggle, I just go to my laughing place, and I think of all the tricks that I can play, and I laugh all day long. And now that I can’t go there, I just imagine I’m there, and I think of loads and loads of funny things and AAAAAAHHHHHAA! I just can’t help myself, I’ve got to laugh.”

“A laughing place! What nonsense! I don’t believe any of it!” roared the Tiger.

But the bear scratched his head and said: “I’d like to see that laughing place.”

The Tiger looked him in the eye and replied: “You dumb bear, the laughing place doesn’t exist.”

The Bear didn’t like to be called dumb ,and so to prove that he was more intelligent than the tiger, he punched him on his nose. The Tiger Roared his loudest roar, showing all his terrifyingly sharp teeth, but the bear was so big and strong that he wasn’t afraid of the tiger. He was stubborn too.

“Listen,” he said to the Tiger, “That monkey ain’t smart enough to think up all those tricks on his own. Instead, he goes to his laughing place where he finds all sorts of clever ideas. Wouldn’t you like to have a place like that? We could both be the trickiest animals in the jungle. Let’s cut him down from that tree and make him show us where it is. And If the laughing place doesn’t exist, well then we can just eat him anyway. What have we got to lose?”

The Tiger did not want to fight the bear, and so he agreed to the plan. Next, he sprang up the tree and sliced the rope with his razor sharp claw. The monkey tumbled down towards the ground and was caught in the arms of the bear. The bear put the monkey down, still holding the end of the rope, and commanded:

“Now, Monkey, take us to your laughing place, if it exists, alright?”

“Oh certainly,” cried the monkey, still laughing. And off he skipped as best as he could with his leg tied in a rope.

The monkey led the tiger and the bear through the jungle to a place that was thick with bushes. He pointed to a particularly fierce thicket of thorns and said: “In there. That’s where my laughing place is. Go inside there and you will find all sorts of tricks and funny schemes.”

The bear crashed into into the bushes, and soon the tiger and the monkey heard him call out:


“See he’s laughing already,” said the monkey to the tiger, “You’d better get in there before that greedy bear steals all the tricks and there are none left for you!”

The Tiger didn’t want the bear to keep all the tricks to himself, so he too charged into the bushes and soon he was also roaring, not with laughter, but with sharp pain

Because the bushes were home to some fierce bees called hornets and they were now busy stinging the bear and the tiger.

The two animals charged out of the bushes and ran headlong for the river where they could dive under the water and escape the bees.

“You liar! There’s nothing funny about that place!” called out the tiger as he ran past the monkey, who was now up a tree laughing even more than he was before.

“I didn’t say you would find it funny,” said the monkey, “I said it was my laughing place, not yours, and it’s full of my tricks and schemes, and that’s why I’m laughing my head off.”

And that was ‘The Monkeys Laughing Place’
read by me, Jana for Storynory.com.

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Another Day in the Life Competition Story

I'm Richard Tai, I live in Beijing, China. I'm 9 years old. I listen to Storynory every night and to pass time. I hope other kids can listen to my story read out on Storynory very much. I am submitting a story in the "A day in the life" Writing competition. Now, Here's the story:

A day in the life
A long time after now, a businesswoman called Madame Jeek invented flying cars, which made her super rich. Her brand was called Feather, and sales were racing off the chart.
One day, when she flew her car, the battery ran out, and she fell. Down and down she went, for what seemed like a trillion years. Suddenly there was a great “boom” and Madame Jeek realized that she hit the ground. She had expected it to be in front of the candy shop shown on the satnav when she started falling. But when she opened her eyes to check, it was a strange place.

“Ah,” a voice boomed. “We have waited long for something to fall out of that portal. Come, strange outsider.”
She sat up, climbed out the emergency escape hatch, and had a good look around. What? Everything was the other way around!
She had a walk around, and once she crossed a road, she got into trouble. In her world, people crossed at green, but here people crossed at red. Of course,she didn’t know, so she went on green. There was a car going by when she crossed, heading straight for her. If it wasn’t the driver who was experienced and immediately pressed the brake, the car would have crashed into her straight away. The driver was mad and called the police. The policeman looked at Madame Jeek and asked:
“Where are your parents?”

“Back at home! Why?” Madame Jeek answered, feeling confused.
“Well, I’ll contact your parents and tell them that their kid has nearly crashed into a car.” Said the policeman.
“Kid?” went Madame Jeek.
“You’re a kid, aren’t you?” the policeman said, feeling confused too. “Oh right, shouldn’t you be in school, kid?”
“No, I don’t go to school, do I?” replied Madame Jeek, still feeling confused about being a kid.

“Well we’ve got to get you into one,” the policeman told her.
Madame Jeek started to realize that people age backwards in this world, so she was considered a kid.
So she was temporarily put into a class in the nearest school, where she listened to the lessons at the back of the classroom.
At PE class, the teacher told them to line up in the corridor outside the classroom. She put her hands into her pockets because it was a bit cold.

“No pockets when lining up!” grumbled the teacher.
So she had to put her hands out into the cold.
Once she got down, the PE teacher howled at them:
“Today our target is to jump rope for 200 times. No talking, playing or cheating. If there are any questions, come and ask me by yourself. If you’re fine with it, start now.”
She was shocked by the number 200, but she could only go according to the PE teacher because she recalled that when she was little, her PE teacher has scolded her for not doing the right thing. From then on she tried ever so hard to follow the PE teacher’s instructions.

She was exhausted after the PE class, and somehow sat passed the final class, not even thinking. Now it was home time.
She immediately looked across the direction of where she has first fell into this land, and saw her car there. She thought: If only I could somehow fly that car away!

She became very hungry after all the adventure and “backwards living”, so she decided to buy some food.
She arrived at a food stall and picked one of the catchy snacks and took it to the counter.

The cashier looked at the snack she picked, and said: “20 bucks, please.”

She took out one of her many 20-dollar bills from her purse and gave it to the cashier.

The cashier looked at it, again and again, and muttered: “Did you draw this?”

Madame Jeek screeched with fury: “It’s good old money! What do you mean ‘drew this’?”

The cashier took out some strange plastic chips and said: “Are you kidding me? This is money, OK?”

Madame Jeek realized that they even use different money here, and all her money in the purse became worthless paper slips. And now her stomach grumbled like thunder. She really needed some food, or, at least some money!

“Well, maybe I’ll do what those poor people do: beg,” she thought. “On the first hand I’m simply starving, but on the other hand, I’m a celebrity and I’m fancily dressed and everything, and I suddenly start to beg, would people think I’m crazy?”

In the end, she was so hungry that no matter what, she started to beg. She wandered off onto a crowded street and emptied her ultra-luxury handbag to be used as a money container. Only a few extremely careless people dropped some plastic chips to such a weirdo. She finally managed to buy a tiny box of cookies and ate them at lightning speed.

Suddenly, she heard a deafening “thump” coming right from where her car fell. She looked across, and saw Mr Smith, one of her best friends, fell in too.

“Hey Jeek! Didn’t know you would be here!” boomed Mr Smith’s voice.

Madame Jeek ran across to Mr Smith and asked: “Did your car malfunction too?”
“No, I just accidentally clicked the ‘drop’ button,” said Mr Smith.
“Mine went out of battery,” said Madame Jeek, “Can we take yours back out?”

Mr Smith was more than pleased to take Madame Jeek back out to the normal world, so they took off and flew out of the jet-black portal and back home.

From now on, Madame Jeek knew how it felt to be poor, and she participated in as many charity organizations as she could to help those in need. She also realized that children were being treated a bit too strict these days, and she contacted a few schools and children organizations and told them to treat children with more love and care.

And Madame Jeek lived happily ever after.