Trixie the Magic Rabbit

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Trixie Magic Rabbit Cup

Here is the first of three winning entries from our Magical Person writing competition. We asked you to write a story about a magical personality.

Evie Marchant from England chose a magical rabbit called Trixie for her her leading character. Trixie the Magic Rabbit has magical powers, including the ability to speak several languages and run super-fast. When she takes part in a rabbit race, it is a much tighter competition than she expected. Evie She also drew and coloured and illustration for us.

This is what Evie told us about herself:

"I love writing stories and drawing pictures. My favourite author is Roald Dahl and my favourite book is Matilda. I like Matilda because she loves to read books, like me."

Story by Evie Marchant
Narrated by Natasha
Illustrated by Evie Marchant.

Trixie the Magic Rabbit -

Hello this is Natasha, and I’m here with the first of three winning entries from our Magical person writing competition. We asked you to send us a story about a magical person or being. This tale is by Evie Marchant aged 7 years old, who has also sent us a great picture which we are posting on Storynory.

Trixie the rabbit is no ordinary rabbit, she is a magic rabbit. Trixie is a small, grey rabbit with fur that is nice and cuddly. She is super strong and really good at running, but the real secret was that she was a magic rabbit who could talk human! It wasn’t just English that she could speak. She could also speak French, Spanish, Mandarin and of course rabbit! One day when the sun was trying to poke out, Trixie`s owner Helen walked over. She whispered: "Trixie, there is a rabbit run on Sunday, your best friend Florence is going to be there. I am going to book you in, so you can do it."

So on Sunday off they set. They went in the car because it was four miles from their house. After a bumpy journey of about 20 minutes they were there. As soon as they got out they saw the huge, golden trophy.

"Trixie, you’re going to win that," whispered Helen.
After a while a man named Tom shouted: "After I blow this whistle, please make your rabbit run." When Tom blew his whistle, Trixie was the only rabbit who knew to run straight away (because of her English skills), so she had a head start. At the quarter way point, Trixie felt peckish and all the other rabbits were quite far behind her, so she stopped to nibble some of the grass.

After about 2 minutes she started to run again because all the other rabbits were catching up. A rabbit named Bert caught up and overtook her. Trixie felt annoyed but while she was running she remembered she had magic powers, so she sprinkled magic powder over herself. Then she started to run as fast as a cheetah and overtook Bert.

Suddenly she looked in front of her and saw a giant German Shepherd dog with teeth like fangs. She wasn’t scared of dogs but this dog was off its lead and looked hungry. She was frightened the dog could eat her, so she needed a plan quickly. Trixie thought and thought and she had an idea. Let’s make the dog freeze. So she whispered the magic words and pointed at the dog.


The German Shepherd froze immediately into an ice cube right in front of her eyes.

After another 3 minutes she got to the halfway point where all the owners were waiting to see their rabbits. Helen cheered her on. She was really proud as Trixie was at the front.

Trixie decided to run as fast as she could for the next part of the race. She ran with all her might on her little paws. Trixie could hear her owner saying in her mind: "Well done Trixie – you won."

She could imagine sitting in the trophy having her picture taken. But just then she realised that whilst she was dreaming of winning, all the other rabbits had overtaken her!

Trixie looked at her bag of magic power, but oh no! There was none left, so she had to run without magic. She used all her energy and ran faster than she had ever run before, even faster than Usain Bolt. She pounded and pounded, and after 30 seconds she could see it - the big golden trophy sparkling in the sun. She thought to herself: "I can do it, I can do it, if I just try." She closed her eyes and ran like the wind. She opened them after 10 seconds, just in time to see her paw landing on the finishing line. Trixie looked around for the other rabbits to see who won. She couldn’t see them in front of her but turned around to see all the other rabbits just finishing. Then Helen came running over: "You won Trixie! – You Won! Let’s go and collect the golden trophy," she said, not being able to breathe with astonishment.

So there in the trophy sat Trixie having her picture taken. Next to her was Bert in second place and in 3rd was Florence.

And that charming Story was Trixie the Magic rabbit by Evie Merchant. Be sure to see the lovely picture she sent us on the site at Storynory.com. We have two more winning entries in our magical person writing competition, so drop by soon to find out who else has won.