These twisters are linked to the stories on Storynory podcast.

The following twisters practice the following:
1. Combined letter sounds in the words for clear speech i.e. W0 in the word won.
2. Syllable stress placement in the for variation in speech i.e emphasising different words.

The combined letter sounds involve correct constant placement with the mouth and tongue and the sue of the diaphragm and breath for open vowel sounds to produce clear diction.

The different choosing of syllable stress in the words and choosing emphasis placement in the words, will make for clear and effective communication.

CAT: Katie The Ordinary Witch


1. ’Katie caught a clever Cat.’

PART A. The consonant sounds K and C. The K and the C for Katie and Clever are formed in the back of the throat as in Ka for Katie and Ca for Cat.
The combined sounds ‘Cl’ for the word clever, formed by clasping the to Tongue at the ridge of the mouth to make the the ‘cl.’ sound.
The letter T is also stressed in the words Katie, caught and cat.
Clear consent T’s are made by placing the Tongue at the roof of the mouth.
And the forward placement of speech sounds’ au’ on the word ‘caught’
by placing the mouth to an Oval shape.

Let’s practice, stand in a neutral position, with your feet shoulder width apart and take a deep breath into the diaphragm.

Repeat x3 faster each time.
‘Kate caught a clever cat’

PART B. The different emphasis stress of the line for variation in speech are as follows:

Katie ‘caught’ a clever cat
Or Katie caught a ‘Clever’ cat.

Either way use the correct consent sounds and forward vowel placement.

CAT:Wiz Oz
Twister- It was the wizards of the west who won.

PART A. The combined sounds of ‘Wo’ on ‘Won’ and ‘We’ on west required the oval forward shape placement of the mouth and forming it to an even smaller whistle size shape, even on the ‘e’ of west, avoid spreading the mouth side ways. This will be the same for the word ‘wa’.
Use the diaphragm, by breathing into it fully before you make the vowel sound placements.

Let’s practice: It was the Wizards of the West who won
X3 quicker each time.

PART B. Try different stress emphasis on the words i.e.
‘It was the ‘Wizards’ of the West Who Won’ or
Or It was the Wizards the ‘West’ who won

This will make the line more effective for communication depending on where you place the emphasis will also alter the meaning.

CAT: Fairytales.
– Rarely did Rapunzel rope down her hair.

The R consonant sound most used in this twister here is formed by the Tongue placed at the roof of the mouth the back of the mouth to form the word ‘rrrr’ and make it clear for speech. The combined sounds of the two R’ to make the word rare in the word rarely. And keep the forward placement creating space in the back of the mouth, think about opening the eyes and for the O of the word O.

Look also at the ‘d’ shaped drum beat of the word down and did in the twister as a consonant formed by the placing of the tongue just behind the mouth.

Lets try it:
Rarely did Rapunzel rope down her hair
X3 times faster each time.

And now with different emphasis for variation:

‘Rarely’ did Rapunzel, Rope down her hair’
Or Rarely did ‘Rapunzel’ rope down her hair

Either way I hope that helps to form clear diction and placement of the letters R and D in the twister. As well as the different emphasis to practice variation in your speech.

There will be more twister audio on the podcast soon, so look out and keep listening!

Bye Bye