Zeus, King of the Greek Gods

Zeus, king of the Greek godsZeus was the king of the Greek gods. He was also god of the skies, and is often shown holding a bolt of lightening. His other symbol is the eagle.

Zeus’s father was Cronos, who was a Titan (giant). Cronos had a nasty habit of eating his children. Soon after Zeus was born, his mother Rhea hid the baby in a cave in Crete. She tricked Cronos by feeding the greedy Titan a rock wrapped in baby's clothes in place of their son.

When Zeus grew up, he led an army of gods to defeat Cronos and the Titans. He then divided up the world with his brothers giving the underworld to Hades and the sea to Poseidon. Zeus ruled the earth and the skies from his home on the top of Mount Olympus.

Zeus married Hera and had several children with her including Ares and Hephaestus.

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