Wiz Oz Activity 9: Saving Friend



In this Wizard of Oz Activity you will write down a way to save a friend in need just like Dorothy and companions do for the Lion in The Deadly Poppy Field (See The Wizard of Oz, Chapter 9).

But first here's a little reminder of what happens in the story:

In Chapter 8, both Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion have fallen into a deep sleep in the Deadly Poppy Fields. They might never wake up again. The Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow are able to carry Dorothy to safety, but the lion is too heavy for them. In Chapter 9, the Tin Woodman saves a field-mouse from a wild cat. It turns out that she is the Queen of the Field Mice. The Tin Woodman makes a cart on wheels for the Cowardly Lion and an army of field mice pull him to safety. In this way they save the lion.

Wiz Oz Activity: Saving a Friend

This is a writing activity where you can think up and write down your own ideas on how to save a friend in need with the help of an animal.

Just as Dorothy and her friends face a difficult task, so you must overcome a little obstacle.

Can you imagine a friend you may need to save?

Where are they and how would you save them?

Here is an example:

Wise OwlYou are walking with a friend in the forest, it's getting dark, and a thick mist starts appearing. You lose your friend. You hear the sound of an Owl in the trees. It is in distress and needs rescuing, so you go to it and free its trapped wing from a branch. The Owl flies over to you with a Twit TWoo Woo and in gratitude agrees to help you and your friend in the mist of the woods.

The Owl calls upon the other Owl Birds and use their Owl Eyes to see in the dark. You call the name of your friend e.g. if is Polly maybe they cry out, "POOOOOLLLLLLYYY !" The owls give you some string which you can unwind so that you can find your way back through the dark. Imagine you do this and can save your friend

So that's one idea - you can write down a rescue plan yourself ! Perhaps you can do two or three.

Just be sure to mark these four points

Where you are and when is it?
Who is the friend you must rescue?
Why is your friend in trouble?
Which animal will help you?
How will this be done?

I hope this can help you rescue your friend in need!

Thank for listening to the Wizard of Oz on Storynory
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