Wiz Oz Activity 3: Dorothy & Story Sharing

Story Sharing and Storytelling is an important part of life. Maybe you have shared a story with a special friend in special place? This Wiz Oz Activity may help you with your own storytelling.


storytelling in wizard of oz


The stories that the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow and The Cowardly Lion share with Little Dorothy pass the time as they walk along the Yellow Brick Brick Road.

  • The Tin Woodman's story is long and heartfelt: he was mislead by the Wicked Witch of the East who cut off his limbs.
  • The Scarecrow tells how he was stranded in the cornfields by a farmer who stuck hin on a pole to scare away the crows.

Each character has a story to share; they have been lonely it seems in the cornfields and forests before Dorothy came across them. Fortunately, Dorothy is a good listener.


Get a piece of paper and a pencil:

  1. Imagine a situation which calls for you to act a bit differently from usual - for instance there is a big storm and all the lights go out in the house.
  2. Write down what you have to do help the situation e.g. find a candle or a small torch.
  3. Write down who you need to help you find a way to solve your problem.
  4. Imagine you had time to tell that person your past and why it is you live where you do e.g. family were fisherman and they sailed boats and that is why you live near water.
  5. Write down your story in the first person, which means you write is as if you are telling the story about yourself - "I did this, I said that".

I hope you can write a piece of your own Oz Style Storytelling.

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