Wiz Oz Activity 11: How Does Oz Appear to you?

Wiz Oz Activity: How Does Oz Appear to you?

Chapter 11,  The Wonderful Emerald City of Oz

In this activity you will create and draw How the Character of the Wizard of Oz would appear to you, if you were to meet him in his Palace throne room.

But first, a little re-cap on the chapters so far:

Each of the characters has a special request for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dorothy wants to return to Kansas. The Scarecrow wants some brains. The Cowardly Lion wants courage. The Tin Woodman wants a heart.

Unexpectedly Oz appears to each of the characters in a different form. He appears as a floating orange head to Dorothy, as a lovely lady to the scarecrow, as a terrible beast to the Tin Woodman, and as a ball of fire to the lion.

Oz tells each character he will grant his or her request, but first they must defeat the Wicked Witch of the West.

With these points in mind, why not try the following Wiz Oz activities?

Writing Activity : How does the great Oz appear to you?

  1. Imagine there is a special something that you want. It may be something personal or to go somewhere like Dorothy. For example, perhaps you what to climb a large mountain to see a great sight, but you are a afraid of heights! Write down your request to the great Oz.
  2. Now imagine you are in the Emerald city inside the palace throne room of the great Oz. How does Oz appear to you? For example he could appear to you as a mighty fountain. In fact, he could appear to you as almost anything. Think of an idea and describe how he appears to you.
  3. Next imagine like Dorothy and the companions you will will meet Oz in the palace throne room to tell him your request, he is going to demand that you tell him why you want him to fulfill your request. . Think of a very good reason to tell Oz, for he will be tough with you! Write your reason down on your piece paper.
  4. Finally imagine that Oz has said he will grant you your request but he is demanding something of you in return, for example you must defeat the briar bushes and fire flies that swarm around the bottom of the mountain by the stream. Think of your own idea about what he might demand from you and write it down.

Making Activity: Wizard of Oz Orange Head

Materials: an orange, black & red pens, matchsticks and patterned shawl.

  1. To make the base of your Wiz Oz orange head, take a real Orange for the head of Oz and draw little black dots on it with a pen for two black eyes, a nose and a mouth, as Oz appears to Dorothy.
  2. Take your patterned shawl and wrap it around the sides or the orange to make it into the lady that appears to the Scarecrow.
  3. Use the small sticks and squeeze them into the sides of the Oz head to make the fierce beast that the great The Tin Woodman meets.
  4. With the red pen draw fire flames onto white paper and glue it on to the base of the orange to turn your Oz head into the Great Ball of Fire as it appears to the the Lion.
Wiz oZ lovely Lady
Wiz Oz Lovely Lady









Making  your own Wizard of Oz

Finally, if you wish to make your own Wizard of Oz, you can do this too.

You will still need your Wiz Oz orange. Here is one idea:

To make a Wizard of Oz Fountain Head, cut out some blue paper in the shape of waves of water and place your Wizard of Oz Orange head on top of it - now Oz is sitting on top of a mighty fountain.


Wiz oz Fountain head




Look back at the ideas you wrote down and create the Wizard of Oz in your own form.

Take your piece of paper and read your requests out loud. If you are brave enough you can pretend to respond with a terrible Oz voice, of how Oz might sound to you!

I hope you have fun and these Wiz Oz activities help bring The Wizard of Oz alive for you.

Bye Bye