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The Golden Goose

An amusing tale about a boy whose parents called him “Dummy” – but he can’t have been that much of a dummy because he found a golden goose and made the grandest people of the town look like fools.

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Old Sultan

Old Sultan is a faithful dog who has served his master for many years. Now he is old the master thinks there is no need to keep him any more. Fortunately his friend the wolf has a plan to save him.

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The White Snake

A servant gains the power to understand the speech of fish, birds, animals and insects. He is kind and does favours to various creatures, and they help him in return.

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The Dragon and His Grandmother

A fairy tale with some tricky riddles

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The Brave Little Tailor

A tailor kills seven flies with one blow and boasts to the world of his strength. And then, by his cunning, he proves to giants and kings that he is indeed able to take on the mighty.

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King Thrushbeard

By the Brothers Grimm. The tale of a proud and haughty princess who refuses to marry because no man is good enough for her.

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Hansel and Gretel with Music from the Opera

Hansel thumb

Our extra-special production brings you a delightful introduction to opera. Our production of Hansel and Gretel by Englebert Humperdinck is specially crafted for children but anyone who loves music will delight in it.

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Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White Rose Red

It’s a long time since we have given you a Brothers Grimm story. We had somehow overlooked this charming tale. The “Snow White” of the title is not related to the more famous Snow White who met the seven dwarfs. This Snow White is the sister of Rose Red. The two girls live in the […]

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