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Fairy Tales

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Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White Rose Red

It’s a long time since we have given you a Brothers Grimm story. We had somehow overlooked this charming tale. The “Snow White” of the title is not related to the more famous Snow White who met the seven dwarfs. This Snow White is the sister of Rose Red. The two girls live in the... Read more » Read More

The Moscow Cat

Moscow Cat Thumb

A strong and independent cat from Moscow runs away to live in the forrest. A story that is half realistic - in fact based on a real cat - and half traditional Russian fairy tale. Read More

The Flying Horse Part 2

Weeping Princess from Flying Horse

Our prince must fight a whole army. Can he survive? What will become of his love the princess? And what of the magician who made the enchanted horse? Read More

The Flying Horse Part 1


Part fairytale, part science fiction, this story from the 1001 Nights is full of wonder. An inventor presents the King of Persia with an enchanted horse. His son flies off to meet a beautiful princess, but there is trouble in store. Read More