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The Emperor’s New Clothes

Two rogues come to the court of the Emperor and persuade everyone that they can make clothes that are invisible to anyone who is simple in the head or unfit for their jobs. The whole court praises the beautiful clothes.

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The Shepherdess and the Sweep

A charming story about two ornaments who fall in love and run away together to the big wide world.

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The Little Mermaid Part One

The original masterpiece by Hans Christian Andersen. The first of three parts. The story of a mermaid who gave all up for love.

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The Little Mermaid Part Two

Download the audio to your computer (right click, save as) In the second part of this classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid saves a young prince from drowning – but he never has a chance to see that he owes his life to her. The Little Mermaid speaks to her grandmother, who […]

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The Little Mermaid Part Three

The Little Mermaid becomes human and can be near her prince, but she has lost her beautiful voice.

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The journey of a tiny, tiny little girl, and how she lives among the birds and animals until finally she finds her heart’s true match.

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The Nightingale

Hans Christian Andersen’s story about how the sweet singing nightingale saves the life of the Emperor of China and succeeds where a artificial bird fails.

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The Wicked Prince

A dramatic story by Hans Christian Andersen about the overbearing arrogance of a prince who wages war on God. A tale of hubris and nemesis.

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The Leap Frog

Hans Christian Andersen’s short but perfect tale about three animals that have pretentions to marry a princess and ‘leap” above their stations in life.

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